WordPress themes never runs out of style, from the traditional themes on the initial stages of WordPress, now it becomes more daring and revolutionized as it embarks to an era where responsiveness and creativity requires convergence. The list below will showcase the ten phenomenal WordPress themes that you need to be aware of this 2014.

Gossip Theme

This theme will get you magazine site the looks of 2014. It is loaded with auto install feature, tons of customizable shortcodes, and an impressive admin panel. You will practically never go out of style nor make the wrong decision in choosing this theme.

TheStyle Theme

This theme is created as a direct contrast to Lucid, a dark theme for WordPress. This is created by Elegant themes and comes with five varying colors and is trying a simple approach, organize the cluttered world of layouts for magazine themes.

Jupiter Theme

This theme is packed of all the best features that you can ever think of. It allows you to run an eCommerce store of your own. If you can’t do that, you just need to deactivate the plugin for you to use the normal business themes that has more than 100 shortcodes.


This theme is created by Parallelus. If you are still not familiar with the name then you must start getting yourself acquainted with it. The creator is popular for its high quality themes that you will instantly fall in love with.

Natural Theme

This theme is developed by Organic themes. As it name implies, it is targeting clients who are into eco-friendly businesses. In fact, 2014 is the best way to start with it since more and more people are becoming conscious of the environment and the best way to join the movement is by using this theme.

PlatformPro Theme

A theme from PageLines.  The developers are actually among the first theme developers that created a theme that you can customize completely with a simple drag and drop interface.

Flexible Theme

This is among the favorites of several web designers that is also fully responsive. The theme is easy on the eyes and is created by one of the leading theme developers, Elegant Themes. In fact, this is an excellent example of a responsive design that works.

Envision Theme

One of the top line theme for business that provides your company the look that will impart messages effectively. It comes with five different homepage sliders that can be installed in just one click. Thus, regardless if you have experience before with WordPress or not, this one will let you do things easily and of course beautifully.

Blue Diamond Theme

In the business segment, this theme is its best-selling for 2014. Obviously, its popularity is because superior page builders that outshines all the others. With this, you can easily re-design or re-arrange the layout using a simple drag and drop interface wherein there is no need for a coding knowledge.

Jarvis Theme

A theme that basically stands out from the rest. It is actually a single page template that is best for businesses who wanted to showcase what they have to offer for customers who does not want to visit hundreds of pages before getting into what they really want.

While your WordPress theme may be good looking based on its layout and design, its features should complement these attributes by ensuring that they are responsive and provides exactly the functions that you may want for a theme. You can start by considering the list above.

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Carmel is a web developer and designer who also works part-time as a freelance writer. Despite her busy schedule, she makes it a point to share her knowledge about web design and development through her articles on blogs.


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