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We often see hacking, fraud, identity theft, and other similar threats online. There are many people who are hesitant in giving out personal information because they are afraid of getting hacked. Sometimes, shopping in different establishments can also be scary because your credit card details might also be used for fraud. There are so many things that the internet can do because of its openness.

Identity Theft Protection

identity theft protection ipage

Identity theft involves someone else’s identity and using it to deceive others. There are a lot of cases of identity theft on the internet. This led to companies tightening their website more by subscribing to identity theft protection. This may cost between $11 to $20 in a month. This is just a small price to pay in exchange for your peace of mind as well as that of your client.

Hosting Plan

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If you are planning to get a hosting plan with iPage, you may want to consider getting iPageSiteLock Security that comes together with the plan. This feature can improve the security of your website. iPage has been in the web hosting industry for quite a while now and they have a lot of websites hosted so their portfolio speaks for itself. Even though you are not experienced enough, you can manage your website easily and keep it away from online threats.

Protecting Your Site

SiteLock Plus can increase your customer trust rating. With iPage, you only have to pay $12.95/year and this can protect you from the following:

identity ipageIdentity Theft
spam iconnSpam
spam iconOnline Scam
virus iconViruses

What you get when you subscribe to SiteLock Basic:

  • checklistSiteLock Verification Certificate – this will show you customers that they can trust your site. As a result, you can increase site conversions.
  • checklistSpam Monitoring – you can check your site everyday if there are any spam coming in.
  • checklistMalware Monitoring – our site is scanned daily for any malware that can endanger visitors or prevent them from visiting your site.
  • checklistBusiness Verification – SiteLock can validate your business and make known to others that it can be trusted.

What are the benefits of a SiteLock Certificate on your website?

  • checklistMajority of customers online will look for the security certificate of a website before proceeding and giving their personal information. When you have a security certificate on your site, customers will trust your site enough to give their personal information.
  • checklistYour site will have credibility when you have this certificate displayed on your site.
  • checklistThis is worth $100 but on iPage, SiteLock only costs $12.95/year and that is a lot of savings. You only have to spend a dollar or so every month.

But there is even more to it than meets the eye. SiteLock has additional features such as XSS Scriptin, SQL Injection, and App Scanning.


This is a scan that checks for a scripting attack where a hacker can control your code on your website in order to get personal information of your clients.


This checks for any database-related attacks where you store confidential information. Every field is checked and scanned to make sure there are no threats.


This checks each and every application before installation on your site. Any possible lapses in the version will be detected. security ipage

If you have a business or e-commerce website, it is important to have extra security because you are dealing with sensitive information. Your clients can get their identities compromised as well as their credit card information if you do not secure your site tightly. You can get more clients to trust you if you have SiteLock because they can safely browse without the fear of being compromised since your site is protected.


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