iPage and the Apple connection

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iPage is a versatile site which freely adapts to various electronic formats. If you are an Apple user with either an iPhone or iPad, iPage is perfectly compatible with your gadget. This is deal for people who need to be constantly connected to the internet like businessmen and website owners. An example of the ease of access you will gain from this is the opportunity to check on your emails even on the go. As a testament to iPage’s popularity as an excellent web host, they have added additional applications and feature’s such as unlimited online storage space and increased bandwidth.

Transfer of Data


Because of the latest advancement in computer hardware and software, data and information sharing between compatible portable electronically operated devices like the iPad and iPhone has become faster and easier. There is even an application you can use for iTunes, however, an up to date IOS is needed for it to work on iPage in an optimal state. A wireless internet connection is also needed for you to access all the needed information online with your portable electronic gizmo.

Email Providers

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Because the internet has now become a part of our daily routine and an internal part of all kinds of business, iPage makes all these transactions simple and easy. It is now possible for you to receive and reply to all the messages on your inbox on your mobile device. The personalized account offered by iPage makes this experience even more enjoyable because of its added frills like the unlimited catchall personal account.

Even if you are using your iPad or iPhone, all the emails you send out via iPage will look professional, polished and business-like. Because of its ability to support a wide range of electronic devices, you will be able to close deals using your phone as long as you have an access to the internet. No matter where you are, you still can get involved with your business.

Android Technology

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Apple products like iPhone and iPad use iOS. This is one of the major reasons why business men and executives prefer this brand over others because it allows them to download applications that are helpful in the growth of their business.

Compatibility with Apple Products

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Because businessmen needs to be in touch and constantly involved with their business, iPage makes it possible for them to access and modify their websites using their Apple powered hand held devices. By using the control panel, they can add information and pictures and delete the ones they deem irrelevant.

Benefits of Using iPage

iPage is compatible with the latest electronic devices that are Wi-Fi friendly

iPage is compatible with different operating systems.

iPage is accessible by Apple products with an iOS like iPad and iPhone.

iPage can be viewed clearly on any electronic device.

iPage has created an application for your mobile phone that can easily access your personal email accounts.

iPage’s application allows you to check your inbox’s email messages, keep your calendar up to date and even access contact information.

Limitations of iPage


iPage web content may vary depending on the electronic device you are using


Modification of iPage affiliated websites is not possible when using a mobile electronic device


To access the control panel, you will need a fully sized web browser


iPage fails to provide an application that is compatible with mobile phone users which will allow website owners to completely take control of their sites


There are some iPage features in the control panel that cannot be accessed by mobile phone users


When you use a mobile phone you can only access the email on your inbox, your contacts and your calendar


To fully access all the features on your account, you must use a personal computer or a laptop


There are certain limitations when using an iPhone and an iPad


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