What is WordPress?

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WordPress refers to a software, which is used to create and design blogs and websites. It is written in PHP and relies on MySQL database. You can easily use it even if you have zero knowledge on HTML and PHP. This is why it has become one of the most popular blogging and website-building application.

It started as a blogging application way back 2003, but has become an effective and comprehensive content management system. It is actually offered to the public by its software designers for free use. No wonder its popularity has skyrocketed all the more, with over 50 million downloads and still counting.

How can it help my blog site?

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WordPress can help you manage your blog with ease and convenience. It allows you to post website content articles at once without need to update the pages manually. You can also design the themes and layouts of your website and its pages in accordance with the way you want to present your online personality. It also has plugins, such as forums and surveys, which can extend its capabilities.

As such, you will end up with a blog site that you really want, where you can constantly post content articles, update online information, present them the way you want it shown or archive it if necessary. You can also have a blog site that will allow your visitors and readers to react by posting their comments, opinions and feedbacks, and link up with other websites for a heightened online social interaction.

WordPress key features

Among the key features of WordPress are:



This allows you to create placements for your website articles, photo galleries, slideshows, add-in textboxes, information sliders and a lot more.



You can choose from over 20,000 WordPress plugins. You can use this to add specific features and details for your website that you might want it to have, such as SEOs, widgets and a lot more.


You can benefit from its enormous collection of themes and layouts and find out which ones suit your website personality. You can even switch and swap themes whenever you want to, without affecting your website and its contents. Simply upload them through FTP.


It can support multiple blogs in just a single installation. It also allows you to have multiple users for a better online discussion and interaction.

mobile website iconMOBILE WEBSITE OPTIONS

You can have the option of making your blog site compatible with mobile devices, such as Android devices, iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. With this, you can have the ability to reach out more to your intended audience at a faster pace and speed.

Installing WordPress in iPage

What’s nice about iPage is that it allows its customers to make use of WordPress. You can install and set it up in your hosting account within just a few minutes by following these easy steps:

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Go to your control panel and view the ‘script list’ menu.

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Open the ‘blogs’ item and click the ‘install WordPress item.

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Then just click the ‘install’ item.

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How to secure your WordPress installation

To protect your WordPress installation, you can opt to use the plugin called WordPress Firewall 2. It can block internet hacking and other malicious online attacks against your blog site. As such, it can stop internet hackers and attackers, who use directory traversals, SQL queries and the likes.

To install this particular plugin, just follow these few steps:

number 1 iconLog into your WordPress application at www.your domainname.com/wp-admin.wp step 1

number 2 iconThen go to the ‘plugins’ menu and click ‘add new’ item.
wp step 3

number 3 iconA text bar will be displayed for you to enter ‘WordPress Firewall 2’.Click ‘search plugins’ item.
wp step 3

number 4 iconWhen this particular plugin appears, just click ‘install now’ to start its installation.
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