As part of its basic web hosting package, iPage provides a website building application, called the WEEBLY Drag & Drop Website Builder. This is probably the most popular website building application in the market today because of its proven functionality, convenience and ease.

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Will there be additional charge to use it?

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No, you will not be charged for using iPage website builder. It already forms part of its web hosting plan. So, you are free to use it in building and designing your website and web pages.

Where can this be accessed?

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To use this website builder, you can access it directly through iPage by logging first into your account. Once accessed, you can use it right away, without need of downloading this software from Weebly’s official website, or any other sofwares for that matter.

Is it really easy to use?

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Yes, it is. It is for this reason that iPage has chosen Weebly as its website building application because it will help you simplify, and not complicate, the process of designing and creating your website pages. You don’t even have to be a professional website artist to understand its basic functions.

Operating it will be a breeze for you. For a more convenient way of creating your website, you can choose your themes and layouts from over a hundred of prepared templates. Then you can choose from a variety of add ons in its design sheet, such as pictures, buttons and textboxes, by just dragging them and subsequently dropping them where you want them to be.

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Note, however, that Weebly is an online application. As such, using it will require an internet connection. Unlike web-building softwares already installed in your computer, its pace will greatly depend on the bandwidth availability and the speed of the internet connection.

But, because Weebly is an online application, you creations and corresponding updates will be immediately seen and displayed in real time. You don’t have to upload the created web pages through FTP. In the long run, it will actually be faster and easier as compared to installed web-building softwares.

Weebly’s key features

For an overview of iPage website builder, herewith are its key features:


You can customize your website according to how you want it be seen by just pointing at particular designs. Then just drag and put them where you want it displayed.

ipage - content blogging CONVENIENT BLOGGING

You can create posts for your blog. Then by using the drag & drop technique, you can customize them with photos, videos and the likes.


It can integrate your uploaded videos and audio files into your website. As such, your visitors can view these directly from your website, without need for a media player.


You can customize your website by providing photo galleries and slideshows in accordance with how you want it shown.

ipage - form builders EFFECTIVE FORM BUILDERS

Weebly has pre-made form designs that you can utilize to gather information and comments from your customers and visitors. It could be a survey form, a contact information form and the likes.

Creating a web page through Weebly

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In creating a web page through Weebly, provide it first with an attention-grabbing title. Then, run through the elements and designs available in the Weebly panel, and decide on which ones to use.

The elements refer to the actual content of your webpage, such as textboxes, images and videos. On the other hand, the designs refer to the themes and templates, which you can use in the layout of your webpages. Once you have decided on which ones to use, just click it and drag it to the place where you want it displayed.


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