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In signing up with a web hosting plan, you have to consider a very important tool and that is the web host control panel. Control panel is a customer tool and a control board that regulate and manage your website content through its helpful and creative features and tools.

iPage Hosting has a control panel that iPage customers can use to build, create, and market their websites in Internet online. It can surely help you manage your website and make it productive and stable.

iPage customers are really satisfied with iPage vDeck control panel. They say it is easy to access and use, fast, and a powerful control panel. It is unique compared to other control panels. And it has many advantages than some control panels. That is another reason why iPage has become the most leading web host company in the hosting industry.

What is iPage vDeck Control Panel?


vDeck Control Panel is iPage control panel and it is one of the customer tools engineered to development and management of your website. It is user-friendly and comprises of many effective feature. vDeck Control Panel uploads, designs, promotes, and can move websites too. It has many functions and benefits. And surely it is worth it to have this control panel with iPage Hosting Plan. You can use vDeck control panel free of charge when you sign up with this great iPage Hosting Plan.

What are the functions of vDeck Control Panel?

vDeck Control Panel functions through its many features. The following are the features of vDeck Control Panel:

  • web icon ipageWebsite Management Tools. With vDeck control panel, you can design and build the pages of your website by the use of drag-and-drop Site Builder tool. It can help your website runs through the use of FTP management tool, easy to use file, and many more.
  • email icon management toolEmail Management Tools. Through this control panel, you can have access to WebMail and can send, forward, and receive email messages. You can operate the spam settings and auto responders too.
  • shopping cart iconE – Commerce Tools. You can have your online store and can make it possible with vDeck control panel that has E-commerce tools like shopping cart, gift card options, credit card.
  • icon_graph_01Marketing Tools. iPage vDeck Control panel has the “Marketing” section that will help you market and promote your website with Google, Yahoo, and Facebook advertising credits.
  • 220163309940562915Account Management Services. vDeck control panel has also the account management sections to record and update all your accounts and billing information. These are visible when you click the “Account Info” tab.

How to access the iPage vDeck Control Panel?

access icon ipage

To access the iPage vDeck Control Panel is very easy. You just have to log in with your iPage hosting account and enter your username and password. Once you have done logging-in you can have access now and may use the iPage vDeck control panel.

What can vDeck Contol Panel provide?

iPage vDeck control panel offers many things. The following are the things it can provide for you:

  • arrow-iconIt can configure your domain name.
  • arrow-iconIt can set up your website using the simple script installer.
  • arrow-iconvDeck control panel can help you build and create the pages of your website.
  • arrow-iconIt can configure your database.
  • arrow-iconvDeck control panel can sets up your email accounts.
  • arrow-iconvDeck control panel with its backup and restore icon can back up your hosting account and restore your loss files.
  • arrow-iconYou can also install software like WordPress, Drupal, PHPBB, JOOMLA, and many more through a click at vDeck control panel.
  • arrow-iconIt can advertise your website in Internet online with its marketing tools tabs.


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