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One of the highly appreciated features of iPage web hosting service is its SiteLock application. It is part of iPage’s quality service to its customers to maintain their website safe and secure at all times.

With the presence of SiteLock, your website will be protected and scanned against viruses, spywares, malwares, identity theft and other online scams. Note that, as we rely more and more on internet technology, these online viruses and scams become bigger and smarter to handle. This is why some 70% of internet users would usually check out first a website’s security certificate before commencing any online transaction.

With this SiteLock feature, you can be assured that you will always be one step ahead of online hackers and swindlers’ illegal intentions. With more than 10 years in the web hosting business, iPage’s technical staff is more than ready on its feet to develop and tackle viruses, malwares and the likes to sustain the safe and reliable use of your website.

As such, once iPage SiteLock seal is seen on your website, your customers and visitors will begin to trust your website as safe and secure. It guarantees a hassle-free usage of your website, especially when one has to provide your website with confidential information and data.

iPage SiteLock Basic, which is now being offered at a very low rate of only $12.95 per year, has the following capabilities:

sitelock 2

Display of SiteLock verification certificate.

Its presence in your website, once seen by your customers and visitors, will build confidence in them to use your website. As soon as the necessary daily scans are made, this will be shown automatically in your website to symbolize that it is now safe to access and use.


Daily monitoring for the presence of malwares.

These malwares, which means ‘malicious softwares’, include computer viruses and worms, trojan horses, spywares and rootkits. It can prevent or delay your customers and visitors from accessing your website. It also facilitates the unauthorized access to confidential information and data in your website. But with with iPage SiteLock, your website will be protected and monitored daily of malwares.

junk mails

Daily monitoring of spams or junk mails.

iPage will check and scan daily your website to monitor whether or not the source of your emails can be trusted based on its internet reputation and existence. As such, your emails may be filtered and categorized into two, those that come from unsafe sources and those that come from safe sources. Then it is up to you to assess and evaluate these as such.

business verification

Business verification of your website.

Through iPage SiteLock, your website will be identified as a legitimate and safe source. It will send out a favorable message to your customers that your website is reliable and trustworthy for any online transactions.

You can also have the following features in addition to the above:

sql icon

Daily scan of SQL injection vulnerabilities.

Your website will be checked daily for SQL injections or vulnerabilities. With the use of this security feature, your website’s database containing all your collected confidential information will be protected at all times.

xss icon

Daily scan of XSS or cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

Your website will be scanned daily for the presence of cross-site scripting attacks or vulnerabilities. With this kind of security feature, your website can avoid the risk of unauthorized access and control of codes for the illicit purpose of accessing confidential information and data.

app scanning icon

App Scanning.

With iPage’s web application scanner, all the installed web applications in your website will be checked and scanned daily for any security vulnerabilities. This is also important for the protection of sensitive information and data stored in web applications.

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