“Yes, iPage can place their advertisements on your website through its Affiliate Program.”

What is this affiliate program of iPage?

Money from laptop

This is an iPage application designed and conceived to provide with the opportunity of placing iPage banner ads or text linkages in your website or email pages. In exchange, you will receive a commission from iPage for every new customer, who signs up with them using your ad and text links.


If you will participate in this program, a code containing your exclusive ID for these ad and text links will be given to you by iPage. So, if your customers and visitors use these links to sign up with them, which, in turn, will generate additional iPage sales, they will pay you your commission.

It’s extra money for you, right? Plus, it’s easy to earn, too. You have nothing else to do, but allow iPage to put its advertisements in your website or emails.

no limit icon

Note that iPage does not set a limit for your commission earnings. The more you send new iPage customers for a qualified purchase of its web hosting service, the more commissions you earn. iPage payments may be in a check form, or you can opt to have it credited to your web hosting plan.

calendar 30 to 15 days ipage

Your commissions will be given out every 15 to 30 days after the end of each month. So, if a new iPage customer makes a qualified purchase through the iPage ad or text links in your website or email links in the month of June, expect your commission to be paid in the month July.

Note, however, that iPage will withhold any commission in case sign ups were fraudulently made or when cancellations are already excessive.

tax and money irs ipage

Note further that there is a need for you to declare your commissions to the IRS as part of your 1099 income, especially if you have already earned more than $600. Affiliates in iPage affiliate program are considered independent contractors, whose earnings form part of 1099 income. So, you might as well report these rather than face the brunt of IRS’ ire. If you want the necessary IRS form for this, iPage can provide it to you.

To enroll properly with this affiliate program, iPage will need a URL for them to monitor your compliance with the Affiliate Agreement, the Terms of Service and the Acceptable Use Policy.

A variety of iPage’s ads or text links to choose from

In order to make easy on you, iPage has prepared already a variety of banner ads and text links. You just choose the right ones for your website, and use as many as you really like. Of course, as the owner of the website, you get to choose which ones to utilize, and not iPage.

Installing these affiliate ads is really quick and convenient. Just follow these simple instructions:

    • number 1 iconLog to iPage Affiliate Console and then look for ‘banners & links’.
    • number 2 iconPick out the affiliate ads that you like:

arrow-iconText or HTML Link.
Select the link and then log to Generate Link Code. Copy the code generated by the HTML and simply put it in the website or email page where you want it displayed.

arrow-iconView Banner Images.
Select the banner images that you like. Then copy the code next to the selected banner ad for posting in the website or email page where you want it displayed.

arrow-iconHosted By Banner.
This provides banner ads smaller in size. To repeat, just select the ad that you like and copy the code next to the selected banner for posting in the website or email page where you want it displayed.


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