95x95xsafe-secured-transactions.png.pagespeed.ic.h2b_3pjooqYes, iPage definitely offers SSLs as a security feature for its e-commerce service. It is already included in their basic web hosting package, which is now offered at a discounted price of only $1.99 / month within the first three months and $2.95 / month for the succeeding months of the web hosting contract. So, there would be no need to make additional payments just to make use of it.

What is an SSL?

Email security

‘SSL’ means Secure Sockets Layer. It will protect your website against internet hackers and attackers when doing e-commerce transactions, such as credit card payments. If not protected, confidential information and data, collected and gather when doing e-commerce transactions, could be hacked and used for illegal intentions.

To avoid the risk of data hacking, an SSL, before proceeding with any online transaction, will first encrypt these confidential data and authenticate them. By putting it another language, so to speak, your sensitive information and data become, at all times, safe and secure from internet hacking.

iPage’s SSL feature

ssl features security from hackers

With iPage’s SSL feature, it is interesting to note that its technical staff puts in much effort to lower, if not eliminate, your website’s security vulnerability. They have constructed and designed this to give you the assurance that you need to control and manage your online enterprise without worrying about online swindlers and hackers.

iPage’s basic SSL is called the Shared SSL Certificate. This is quite suitable for small-to-medium online enterprises. Through this, your customers and visitors can now access your website by utilizing iPage’s domain name, such as https//:yourusername.ipage.com.

iPage’s Private SSL Feature

ssl iconIf you want though to increase security measures for your website, iPage has already designed and created its private SSL applications. These would be quite appropriate for an online enterprise with a bigger scope as compared to small-to-medium online stores. Through these, an SSL Certificate will be exclusively provided for your own use. To access your website, your customers and visitors will now use your own domain name, and not the name of your web host, such as https://yourdomainname.com.

The impact on a customer or visitor viewing the use of your own domain name would be good. It would imply that your website is safe to deal with and can be trusted with their personal information, such as name, address and bank account number. Surely, with this kind of impression, a customer would not hesitate to do an online transaction with you. iPage has actually made two private SSL programs for you to choose from, depending on the needs of your website.

89The first option is known as the QuickSSL Premium Certificate, which can be utilized for only $89.95 for two years. It can provide you with a 256-bit SSL encryption, 99% browser compatibility, extended warranty, free reissues with no limits, compatibility with mobile devices, a $100k guarantee against loss and damage, and a Dynamite Site Seal (with date and time stamp) displayed on your website to signify a higher level of online security.

159 95 feature ssl icon ipageWith iPage’s second private SSL option, you can provide your customers and viewers with extended layers of security. It is known as the Extended Validation SSL Certificate, which you can utilize at a discounted price of only $159 per year. This will also provide you with a 256-bit SSL encryption, extended warranty and free reissues with no limits. But, this time, it can give you 99% compatibility with mobile devices and universal browsers.

More importantly, you will now have extended validation of information and data, EV Upgrader application and a $150k guarantee against loss and damage. Plus, your website will have a Dynamite Site Seal, which will include a stamp pertaining to the date, time and company name, as well as Green Address Bar to show the highest level of online security.

With so much options to choose from, iPage surely has got it all covered.


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