Yes, iPage offers SEO services. It is now discounted at a rate of only $99 per month, from its regular rate of $150 per month. You can actually save 30% if you secure it now.


What is the meaning of SEO?

window-like-graphics29SEO means ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It is a process with the end goal of increasing the traffic of visitors and users at your website, which, in turn, will increase your online sales and profit. When utilized, it will increase the chances of your website to be ranked at the top when searches are made by internet users in search engines. With a high SEO ranking, your website will also have a high probability of being visited and opened for a possible sale transaction.


Are iPage SEO services necessary?

Yes, it is. It will give your online business the much-needed boost, especially if you are still a beginner and wants your online presence known as soon as possible. How can you make your intended audience feel your online presence if your SEO ranking is 300++? You will probably be in page 50 of search engines. With this, you will really find it difficult and hard to reach out to them. But with iPage SEO services, their technical staff and experts will work with you and for you.


They will evaluate your website and create appropriate strategies with the objective of increasing your SEO rating in search engines and ultimately, reach out effectively to your targeted audience. They can also do your website’s content writing, distribute this to others and design back-links. Plus, they issue corresponding weekly reports for you to measure the success of this service.

window-like-graphics31Note that one of the important factors in increasing your SEO rating is to put in the right key titles, words and sentences in your website to match the possible search titles, words and sentences in search engines. Another technique is to link up these keywords with other websites. Search engines will factor it in increasing your SEO ranking because it will appear as a good suggestion to try and open your website. With iPage experts utilizing these approaches, your targeted audience will surely feel your online presence in no time.

To purchase iPage SEO services, just follow these simple steps:

Click on the SEO package that you want.
When prompted for answers, fill out the form with your pertinent information.
An iPage SEO staff will immediately call you to assist and explain how to start benefiting from their service.

iPage Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Among iPage effective SEO tools are:

window-like-graphics32Yahoo! Sponsored Search Credits. Your ads will appear all over the Yahoo! network, which is one of the biggest and relevant search engines today. As such, your online exposure will be maximized. For this, iPage will provide you with a starting $25 credit, and will be used up only if your ads are clicked and opened.



window-like-graphics32bGoogle AdWords. Your ads will appear all over the Google network, which is also one of the biggest and relevant search engines today. Plus, it can also be shown and viewed in AOL and For this, iPage offers an additional advertising bonus of $100 as soon as you get a $25 credit. Just log into the promotional code menu of your control panel to secure your additional $100 credit bonus.



window-like-graphics32ciPage Community Directory. With this, iPage allows you to take advantage of its wide marketing network by advertising your website in it. You can decide on how your site is seen and listed, including your URL, title, description, category and keywords. You can make use of this for just $29.95 per year, or $2.50 a month.

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