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iPage’s web host provider offers numerous features and applications that can be used to enhance your website design. A reason for the increased popularity of the web host is that it offers quality web hosting services as well as its reputation due to being in business for more than a decade. The current number of websites hosted by iPage numbers to millions due to the high score rating given by thousands of its customers as well as excellent feedback from website users.


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iPage already offers some of the most reasonable rates for web hosting at a monthly rate of $2.95. But there are times that iPage will offer some promotions to attract new customers to make their own website.

The current offer allows the new website owners to pay a reduced price of only $1.99 per month for the first quarter of their package contract. Some web host developers even offer a higher monthly rate with a minimum one-year contract. The monthly rate starts when the web host provider approves the domain name of the new website owner even if the website development takes a short while or a longer time.

If you acquired the lower first quarter monthly rate promotion, then you will need to pay the regular rate of $3.50 for the 1-year plan or $2.95 for the 2-year and 3-year plan after the first three months. There are even some promotions that offer further discounts on registration using online coupon codes

Payment Terms

The most common packages offered by iPage are according to the hosting plan and not on a monthly basis. There are three iPage payment options available for new website owners and these are:

ipage servers1 year plan
ipage servers2 year plan
ipage servers3 year plan

Trial registrations are not offered by popular web host providers such as iPage since they are already hosting millions of websites. But there are different pricing rates depending on the scope of the hosting plan that you signed up for and purchased as well as the additional features. The normal monthly rate is $3.50 per month for a one year plan and will be decreased to $2.95 per month for the 2-year and 3-year plan.

iPage Website Design

The use of an iPage hosted website will enhance the sales of your brick-and-mortar stores since you can increase the number of your potential customers. Using the website design feature of iPage will make website development easier even if you are a webmaster newbie.

web design on ipage

There are multiple templates and themes that are offered so that you can make your website look like it was designed by a professional. It means that additional training in programming and HTML for web development is considered to be thing of the past since there are some ready-made templates already available in iPage. iPage’s main advantage is that it offers multiple benefits such as an unlimited disk space and bandwidth and the free domain registration.

Marketing and Advertising

ipage marketing and advertising

There are multiple ways to make sure that your website gets noticed through the use of advertising credits and marketing tools. One of the most difficult is creating and developing the website but another difficult step is to make sure that it gets noticed by potential customers. This is further enhanced with iPage’s tie up with some of the major online search engines, which includes Google and Yahoo.

Installation Made Easy

iPage offers multiple install wizards to make the installation of applications and features easier. These wizards will enhance the look of the website to visitors since these are only one-click installations. These includes:

blogging iconblogs
photo gallery icon ipagephoto galleries

There are also step-by-step instructions on how these features and applications can be added to your website.


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