iPage web hosting plan carries with it a guarantee to return your money back, if you decide to cancel it, with no questions asked and with no time limit to invoke this privilege.



window-like-graphics23iPage is confident enough to guarantee you this. Note that this is rarely done in the web hosting industry. So why not take advantage of it? It would actually be a good deal for those who are still undecided on which web hosting company to choose.

You might as well give iPage a chance to prove its quality web hosting service. At any rate, you can always back out, with no questions asked and with no time limits.


But, considering that iPage’s end goal is to please and satisfy you, you just might not change your mind. iPage has been in the web hosting service for more than 10 years now. Through the years, it has been able to build and sustain its good reputation as can be proven by the good feedbacks of its avid customers and the high ratings given by web hosting review websites.


It offers a variety of web hosting features to choose from, depending on the needs and desires of each customer. So you might really just end up pleased and happy with them, just like the rest of their loyal customers.


Cancellation of policy at any given time

If you will notice, the User Agreement of iPage gives you the option to cancel the policy at any given time by giving iPage a 30-day prior written notice. In its Section 2 (b), sub-par. i, it expressly reads that:

“This Agreement may be terminated or cancelled; at anytime by either party (Including by You, if you receive notice of an amendment to this Agreement) by giving the other party thirty (30) days prior written notice, xxx”

window-like-graphics25Otherwise put, iPage continues to guarantee your satisfaction by allowing you to cancel your service contract with them at any given time before it lapses. The existence of this provision is in line with iPage’s business principle not to lock you up in a service contract in an unwillingly and reluctant manner. So, unlike other web hosting companies, it allows you to enjoy the freedom to choose what you really want.


window-like-graphics26bConsequently, iPage will give you back your money for the rest of the term of the service contract, subject, however, to a minimum $35 charge for early cancellation, if applicable.



A 30-day money-back guarantee

iPage also gives you another money-back guarantee if your cancellation of the service agreement is done within the first 30-day period thereof. In Section 2 (b), sub-par. i, of the User Agreement, it continues to state that:

“If an account with a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee is purchased and cancelled within thirty (30) days of sign-up, the User will, upon request, receive a full refund of all hosting fees. xxx”

As such, if you change your mind within the said 30 days, iPage will pay you back in full all hosting fees. However, to be fair to iPage, the term ‘hosting fees’ do not include the fees for additional services, which were purchased within the same period. So this will be deducted from the refundable amount.


window-like-graphics27Again, to be fair to iPage, the fee shouldered by iPage for your one free domain registration and its corresponding taxes will also be deducted from your refundable hosting fee. But if you will abandon this domain name, you will no longer be charged with the said fee and iPage will get to own this domain name.


window-like-graphics28This guarantee, however, is applicable only to hosting accounts, which you paid via credit card. The processing costs of other payment methods are just too high for iPage to shoulder at this time. With this to consider, it has opted not to provide this guarantee for those not paid via credit card.


you must configure the doamin to use the server where you have the web site. If you are going to have the web site in your system then you need to have a static IP address; you probably must pay your ISP a little extra to have a static IP address. It must be static because you must put the IP address in the registrar’s configuration for the doamin.Determine who the registrar is if you don’t know. You need to know the userid and password associated with the account. Ensure that the information in the regisry is corect; that it has your name, address, phone number, email address and such. Be sure to turn off the option to allow changes without your permission; I forget what it is called but there is something that allows otehr people to transfer a doamin name to themsleves. It is strange but true. Be sure to have a valid email address iin the account that you monitor in case some thing happens.

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