There are some web host providers that need certain files to function. It means that you will need to upload and store the files in the web server of the web host provider. Unfortunately some of the needed files have varying sizes from the smallest to those that require a bit more bandwidth space. The problem is that some of these files are accessed from time to time and therefore makes it difficult for website owners to always carry them around all the time. Uploading the files can be made easier with the use of FTPs.

Why are FTPs necessary

File transfer protocols or FTPS are used for transferring files from a computer host to another computer primarily using the online connection. The FTP clearly outlines the protocol needed to transfer the needed files using a secure and organized network. The FTP works as if you are basically uploading or downloading files but this uses a direct connection with the server. This enhances the speed of the file transfer by processing a larger chunk of the file one section at a time.
The use of the FTP is necessary for website owners since you may need to upload some large files from your computer to your website. The files that can be more easily transferred from your hard drive using FTPs are:

  • Audios
  • Videos
  • Personal database or source files

iPage Compatibility

Since iPage is a web hosting provider, it means that it encourages the use of the FTP to transfer the files from your computer to their web servers. The advantage of this is that the needed file can be easily accessed through your website without actually going to your hard drive. iPage is considered by many to be a quality web host service since it has been in existence for more than a decade. iPage also hosted millions of websites as seen from the excellent user feedbacks and numerous high ratings from its customers.

FTP Package in iPage

iPage normally offers multiple packages that are designed for different website owner needs. Some of the packages also include the FTP feature, which could be necessary for your current and future needs. The offered packages that include the FTP will be automatically set up when you purchase the package so that you do not have to configure the FTP account on your own. This makes the uploading and downloading of files using the FTP client faster for you.

Integrated FTP Requirement

The main requirements are:

  • Login name, Password and User id
  • iPage’s Host name or IP address

iPage uses a “single-access” policy which means that the username and password for the FTP account is the same username and password used in accessing the iPage hosting account. This makes it easier for you since you do not have to memorize another username and password combo.

The IP Address is where the FTP client will be connected so that the uploading of iPage related files into your website directory will be easier. The ftp address used is . Verifying the successful connection and transfer with iPage can be checked if the uploaded files are already placed in the directory folder or the FTP client.

FTP Clients

Some basic packages offered by iPage does not include FTP in their features, therefore you may be able to use an external FTP client. Some of these FTP clients can even be accessed for free since you only need to install them on your computer.

Some of the most popular are also compatible with the iPage since iPage has some video tutorials that teaches how to use the following FTP clients

  • FileZilla
  • FTP Voyager
  • Flash FXP
  • SmartFTP
  • CuteFTP
  • WS_FTP

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