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It is a vicious world out there – there are so many online sellers, marketers and giant retailers that it is very difficult for a startup website to get the proper traction in the market. Then customers are also increasingly smart – they know how to canvas for their product prices, they have self-control (most of the time!) when it comes to making purchases and they demand security in their online transactions.

number 1 ipageIn other words, to make it big in today’s web industry, you have to make sure that you are well seen and that your site is functioning as it should. To keep yourself two steps ahead of everybody, you should be open to new ways on how to market your site. One of them is directory listing from iPage. Before you can access this feature, you MUST have at least one account with iPage.

What you should know about directory listing

search engine listing ipage

iPage directory listing is basically an entry to reputable directories that search engines like Google use to give data to those searching their sites. For example, if your site is a website for a neighborhood dentist, if you submit your site under the category of dental clinics then Google will be able to index you as a dental clinic with your specified location.

time efficient - ipage listing

The big difference of your site being promoted in a blog versus one that is listed in a directory is that listing in directories is not manual. It can be done easily to multiple directories at a time, versus the more time-consuming effort of posting in a blog.

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Directory entries use nofollow links – links that are not linked (don’t be confused!) with other sites. These links are seen as more credible by search engines since they were made to really redirect you to the content and not just to promote another link.

Will iPage directory listing help MY site?

A directory listing can help your site by:

  • arrow-iconLetting the search engines know that you fall under a specific category
  • arrow-iconCreating more nofollow links for your site. You can still use links that are connected to other links but the directory listing entry balances it out

How much do I need to set aside for directory listing?

To be brutally frank, directory listing is not cheap. It is very rare to see a web hosting service offer directory listing for free. How much do you usually spend for directory listing?

cheap directory listing

For other web services like Yahoo’s Small Business, their directory listing is around $300 a year. Not an easy sum to pay up for, right? With iPage, you can get a big discount by just paying $29.95 per year. That is less than $3 per month on top of your iPage plan. If you ask me, that is already a good bargain for such a useful enhancement.

For those who are not familiar with SEO inner workings, this may still look like an expensive price to pay but imagine your site if it is not being served up by Google. You will need to rely on the memory power of your users to remember your URL. Or worse, you need to depend on old school techniques when it comes to publishing your URL so that you can get more NEW users in.

What else can I get with my iPage account?

Since you can only get this directory listing if you already have an iPage account, you also need to know what else you should take advantage of with iPage:

ipage 1

Unlimited bandwidth and data storage allocation

ipage 2

Unlimited email accounts and MySQL databases

ipage 3

A free domain for a year after signing up

ipage 4

Free tools for web development like site building tools and an easy to use control panel named vDeck

ipage 5

Support for popular CMS tools like Nucleus (lightweight), WordPress and b2Evolution

ipage 6

Support for forums in the form of vBulletin

ipage 7

Support for popular CMS tools like Nucleus (lightweight), WordPress and b2Evolution

ipage 8

Support for forums in the form of vBulletin


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