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There are problems in using different operating systems since it is primarily based on what hardware you are using. This makes software compatibility the most commonly asked customer support problem. There are two primary operating systems in computer desktops, which are either Windows-based or Mac-based. Installing any application or game in either OS could be considered as a challenge especially when it comes to iPage features.

iPage Compatibility

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The primary question asked by Mac hardware owners is whether the website purchased from the web host provider will be easily read in the Mac OS. The reason for this is due to the popularity of the windows based OS. The main advantage of the iPage web provider is that it is also compatible with a Mac OS.

This means that both Mac owners and visitors can easily visit any iPage hosted website. It also means that the website visitor or owner can use any OS versions to view the website.

Mac Visitor

imac visitors ipageThe iPage web host provider is not OS specific implying that it can work with any OS used by the visitor even if it is from a mobile phone or tablet. iPage designed their websites to be used on most operating systems but there may be some limitations with regards to the web browser compatibility.

Mac-Based Website Owner

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The most common problem of website owners who uses a Mac is whether they can edit or modify their website using the Mac OS. iPage designed the admin control panel to be used with the available OS, therefore the website owner can access DomainCentral to install multiple applications under SimpleScripts. Thus website owners can easily modify their website in either windows or Mac since it is not OS-specific.

Mac Limitations

imac limitation

The main limitation for Mac users is the applications contained in the Website Builders. The applications are OS specific and therefore it will need to be compatible so that it will work. You can check whether the OS that you have is allowable based on the specifications and system requirements of the application under the website builders.

Website Builders

There are two web development tools that are used in iPage:

deluxe fatcow iconSiteDelux
drag and drop website builder ipageDrag & Drop Site Builder

The developmental tools makes it possible for new website owners to design their websites without having to be familiar with scripting languages as well as HTML codes. The ease of use of the website builder applications makes the web content easily finished with only a few mouse clicks. These website builders are an essential tool to develop or modify websites which makes the compatibility an issue for new website owners.

SiteDelux and Weebly Drag and Drop Site Builder

The SiteDelux application has a variety of templates and themes that are used to create websites which is also easy to use. But the OS that you are using must comply with the requirements and specifications of these applications in order to maximize the use of the web development tools.

The Weebly is a free application that is already integrated into iPage. The ease of use is based on the ability of the website owner to hold, drag and drop web elements into any page of their website. The ease of use also makes it more preferable by website owners when compared to the need of additional tutorials when using programming and scripting languages and HTMLs.

Minimum requirements

Windows users must have the following:

  • arrow-iconA Windows OS 2000 or newer
  • arrow-iconA minimum 800×600 screen resolution
  • arrow-iconA new version of the preferred web browser

The Mac owners on the other hand will require the following:

  • arrow-iconAn OSX that is 10.4 or higher
  • arrow-iconThe newest version of the preferred web browser


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