Innovations and styles of computers are becoming more high tech nowadays. The supplies are countless and millions of people all over the world are using computers and connecting in the Internet online. Most of the people benefit from these especially at this computer age we have now.

As the in-flock of computers and users are countless, so as the harms and threats to systems of computers are possible too. Because of this vulnerability to threats such as viruses, malwares, spams, and other malicious wares, the system of computer may crash resulting to loss of data. This will put your website’s ranking back to zero. However, with the creation of Automated Backup Software, your data can be protected if failure of the system occurs. And iPage with its reliable hosting offers you not only building your website, making it safe, and marketing it but also offers you an efficient Automated Site Backup that can protect your data and restore your loss files. This will make your website runs productively.

The Automated Backup Software

A program that can back up your electronic data or computer files automatically is the Automated Backup Software. This assures you that your data is safe when things go wrong with your computer system such as computer crash because of malwares, spams, viruses, and other malicious wares.

What is the process of the automated backup software?

To backup you data is very necessary. Creating data takes time, effort, and money so it is very important to have automated backup software. The process is just simple. First, you have to configure the automated backup software. Second, you have to know which data is needed to be back up and then download it. This could be images, documents, email, or videos. At Windows, you can use the Windows Backup for free. You can also backup online using flicker for storing images and for your other data to X drive. Commercial backup software is also available like the Norton 360. After configuring and downloading the files to be back up, these will automatically backed up. You can now sit back and relax. However, when the automated backup software fails, it will notify you through email. And you can then configure it again until it would be successfully backed up.And this will ensure you that your data is secured already. No need to worry and no more headaches if the computer crashes and the system fails.

The iPage Automated Site Backup


iPage Automated Site Backup secures your data such as documents, videos, images, and emails and can restore lost files automatically. It provides version control and downloads files to a zip archive. In restoring your files, just download the lost files with the Site Backups then it restores automatically.

With iPage automated Site Backup, the backups are done every day and these are stored for few days. You can also view them in the listed data.

iPage also advises you on how to secure your data more, you have to back up your files on a regular basis via FTP, in this way it allows your files to be accessed offline too.

How much it will cost me to have the iPage Automated Site Backup?

iPage Automated Site Backup has a promotional price rate now that is really affordable. You can get it for only $12.95 a year. This is for the first term only and it can be renewed for only $16.95 a year. With this low price, you can be secured and your data is safe. This will spare you from headaches of possible data losses!

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