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Domain transfer in Fat Cow is free of charge. Fat Cow allows your website to be transferred away from them to a new web host company like the trusted iPage Host. You just have to ponder on information on how to transfer your website to iPage and some restrictions of Fat Cow on transfer. You also have to consider the number of days it is going to be processed. You may contact their Customer Support regarding this matter.

What are the restrictions of Fat Cow on transfer?

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Fat Cow restricts the transferring of your website during its first 60 days from the time of its domain registration. So you have to transfer your website after sixty (60) days. For any of the following reasons such as unsettled payment fees, faulty and dispute over your identity, and bankruptcy, your request to transfer may be denied. So you have to settle things like payment fees and submit correct and accurate information.

Fat Cow on Transfer Lock


In locking and unlocking your domain name, you have to do it yourself manually. Fat Cow is not responsible to lock and unlock your domain name. It is not liable too of any losses when you transfer your files and database to iPage. And iPage is not accountable too on any failures when you transfer your website to iPage.

Transferring your domain registration to iPage


iPage would like you to submit a written request ( electronic file is accepted) about your transfer and that you agree that the domain name may be re-transferred back to your former web host company, the FatCow.

iPage has also the authority to approve or deny your application transfer for some reasons. So it is very important that you submit your information such as contact information and name server information and other information correctly and completely.

What are the steps in relocating your website
away from FatCow to iPage?

To have a successful transfer to iPage, you just have to adhere to the following instructions:

  • number 1 iconFirst, you have to log in to your Fat Cow account and unlock your domain name.To unlock your domain name, go to “Domain Central.” Choose the domain name you like to transfer. Then go to “Overview” tab and click the “Security” tab. Click the “Unlock Domain.”. A prompt will confirm that your domain name is unlocked. Next, go to “Disable Domain Privacy” tab and click it. This will confirm in red font the word “Disabled.” Lastly, you have to make sure that your email address is correct and updated. It must also be active in “Central” tab.
  • number 2 iconSecondly, you have to obtain a transfer authorization code.This is one of the requirements in transferring your domain name. You have to request for an authorization code in Fat Cow. Go to “Transfer” tab and click the domain name you like to transfer and go to “Second Auth-Info Code” tab and click it. Then you will be confirmed of your authorization code through your email address in “Contact” tab.
  • number 3 iconNext, log in to your iPage hosting account.Of course, you have to sign up first. Then go to your control panel and open the “Domain Central” tab.
  • number 4 iconInput your domain name and expand it.The domain settings dialog box will be opened.
  • number 5 iconInput your authorization code and then click the “Transfer” tab.
  • number 6 iconTo complete your transfer process, you will receive an email with instructions.To finalize your transfer process you just have to follow the instructions emailed to you.
  • number 7 iconLastly, it is really necessary to lock your domain name for your website’s security.


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