Bluehost does not force you to keep your website with them. In fact, they allow transferring of website away from them.

So, let’s talk about how to transfer your site from BlueHost to iPage.

What are the requirements and information of Bluehost in regards to transferring your website to iPage?

  • arrow-iconYour domain can be transferred if your domain name has .com, ,org, .us, .biz, .info, and .net
  • arrow-iconIt can take a maximum of 10 days before your domain can be transferred.
  • arrow-iconYou have to consider this rule that there is no transferring of website during 60 days from the time of its registration and 45 days for the renewed domain. So wait until 60 days or 45 days has elapsed before you transfer your domain to iPage.
  • arrow-iconThe domain registration can only be transferred. The files, database, or your emails cannot be transferred.

What are other things you have to remember on transferring your website away from Bluehost?

no change ipageThere will be no changes, no name servers and DNS changes and no changes in WHOIS information once the transfer has begun. And to finalize your transfer you have to contact the Gaining Registration.

Transfer of your Domain Registration into iPage Hosting

domain transfer

When your transfer your domain name into iPage, you have to conform that your domain name may be re-transferred back to your former web host company and you have to submit a written request (can be done through email) about the transfer with the completion of the required information such as contact information and name server information on the online transfer application. It is very important that information is true and correct.

And it is in the absolute discretion of iPage to accept or deny your transfer application for any due reasons.

How to relocate your website away from Bluehost to iPage?

Just follow the following instruction below and you can successfully transfer your website to iPage :

  • number 1 iconFirst, you have to log in to your Bluehost account and go to its control panel.
  • number 2 iconGo to “Domain Manager” and click this tab and then click the domain name you would like to transfer.
  • number 3 iconThen, you have to unlock the domain by going to “LOCK” tab, then click the “Unlock your Domain” tab.
  • number 4 iconNext, go to “Privacy” tool then turn off the privacy.
  • number 5 iconAcquire an EPP/ Authorization code. You can get this at “Transfer EPP” tab at Bluehost at the right side of the domain name. You have to copy this authorization code or EPP and give this to your new web host, the iPage. The authorization code is needed so that you can transfer.
  • number 6 iconNext, you have to log in to iPage with your account and go to its control panel and go to “Domain Central” tab and click it.
  • number 7 iconInput your domain name and go to “Add Existing Domain” then click “Add.”
  • number 9Open the domain settings dialog by selecting the domain name you just added.Then, enter the authorization code you just acquired and click the “Transfer” tab.
  • number 9 iconUpdate your contact information such as the email addresses in the “CONTACT” tab. This is essential for the registrant, administration, and billing.
  • number 10 iconYou will be receiving email stating some instructions so that your transfer can be completed together with your authorization code and a link. You have to follow the instruction in the email to complete your transfer.
  • number 11Finally, do not forget to lock your domain name for the security of your website.


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I think you’re my new hero. I started trvnleiag in September of 2011 and after a meager 8 countries(I’m at 18 in total, but that’s nothing compared to your list!), I’m currently stationed near Valparaiso, Chile where I am teaching English until December. I have no desire to stop trvnleiag after that, so I will no doubt be following your blog for some more tips and ideas. Keep on doing what you’re doing, you’re an inspiration and it’s so awesome that you’re doing what you love for as long as possible!


Matt:I attended the 2011 fuefnst in Effingham. My car is the 73 VW Beetle (15th picture down) decked out like a taxi cab. Thanks for putting the picture on your website. I’m going to save it in my favorites.Andy

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