Setting up a shopping cart on iPage is really easy! You simply utilize the iPage ShopSite Starter application, which is already included in its e-commerce service. You won’t even need other applications to install and enable this. So, without much ado, you can have an online store in a matter of minutes.

If you’re still on the fence about iPage and need to know either way whether it’s right for you, I suggest you read this full iPage review and tips/recommendations , covering their service from a-z, over at Hosting Review Box.

To set up your shopping cart in your hosting account, just follow these simple steps:

  • number 1 iconLog to your control panel.
  • number 2 iconIn the ‘website’ portion, click ‘ShopSite’ and then ‘ShopSite Starter’.
  • number 3 iconIt will open another page, which contains ‘enable ShopSite’. Just click it to initiate its installation. Within a few minutes, the installation is finished.

Configuration of iPage Shopsite

After you have finished with the installation of iPage ShopSite, a ‘configure store’ icon will be displayed. With this, you can start configuring your ShopSite application with the following guidelines:

  • number 1 iconWhen the ShopSite wizard is shown, you will be prompted to choose the language and currency you will use. Then click ‘next’.screenshot 1 guide
  • number 2 iconYou will be asked the manner of integrating ShopSite in your website. Click ‘I want to create a new store’ portion. Then click ‘next’.screenshot 2
  • number 3 iconThe overview page of the ShopSite’s wizard will appear. Then click ‘next’.screenshot 3
  • number 4 iconThe next page is ‘Step 1 – Storefront’ where you will put in the name of your online store and its welcome message. Then click ‘next’.screenshot 4
  • number 5 iconIn ‘Step 2a – Add a Product’, you will be asked to provide a product description, as well as the product’s uploaded image, price and weight. Then click ‘next’.screenshot 5
  • number 5 iconIn ‘Step 2b – List of Products’, additional products for your online store can be made by clicking the ‘add another product’ item and proceed using Step 2a. Then click ‘next’.screenshot 6
  • number 6 iconIn ‘Step 3a – Add a Page’, you can have additional pages for your products. Put in the page name, product description and product image. Then click ‘next’.screenshot 7
  • number 7 iconIn ‘Step 3b – Add a Page’, you can have more pages for your products by clicking the ‘add another page’ item and proceed using Step 3a. Then click ‘next’.screenshot 8
  • number 9In ‘Step 4 – Tax’, you can input the applicable tax rates for an online purchase of your products, such as the tax rate on sales, for ShopSite to do the necessary calculations. Then click ‘next’.screenshot 9
  • number 9 iconIn ‘Step 5 – Payment Types’, choose the methods of payment for your online store, such as MasterCard or Visa. Among the choices are iPage merchant accounts, such as Google Checkout or PayPal, which you can also select. Then click ‘next’.screenshot 10
  • number 10 iconIn ‘Step 6 – Shipping’, you can provide 3 shipping methods for your online store for your customers to choose from. You can include the shipping cost, if you are going to charge this on your customers. Then click ‘next’.screenshot 11
  • number 11In ‘Step 7 – Theme Layout and Color Scheme’, you have the control on how to design and present the products of your online store to your customers by choosing the theme and layout you like. Then click ‘next’.screenshot 12
  • number 12 iconIn ‘Step 8 – Ready to Publish’, just click the ‘publish’ item to start publishing your online store.screenshot 13
  • number 13Then, when everything is finished, the ShopSite homepage will appear.

Well, you now have your online store. It’s really easy, right? Simple steps are provided for your convenience. You don’t even have to be a computer technocrat to build and create it. It’s hassle-free because the iPage ShopSite application has lots of options that you will possibly need to construct it, even sales tax computations.

It can also create your immediate online presence in search engines in order to attract internet users to your website. With the right shopping cart application available at iPabe, you might as well check it out.


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Samoa Nerds / To everyone out there who are loinokg for a hosting company PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE..save yourselves the headaches and money by not signing up with iPage. I’m in big regrets right now being with them. I’m a web designer and to be honest, every time I’m in the middle of designing a web site it never fails to give me this error, Error connecting to database . When you chat with support, they say it will take 2-4 hrs. to resolve issue when it really took them 14hrs. to resolve my issue. And after that, I keep getting the same issue every day. It’s hard to offer your services to your clients when you don’t have a reliable web hosting company. Please save your money and look elsewhere. Thanks to the author of this blog for putting this together. Don’t fall for the top Google pages that offer good reviews for iPage because more than likely they are either employees or people paid to blog and offer good reviews about iPage.

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