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iPage Host is an award winning web host company and its Hosting Plan is perfect for your website. It is an excellent service provider that builds and creates your website, secures it, and promotes it in the Internet online. iPage Hosting Plan includes many features and tools to improve and develop your website.

You can enjoy the benefits of this web hosting plan at a reasonable price. Of course, you just have to consider its payment policies, payment processing, and billing. Adhering to them will make your website possible to enter in the World Wide Web quick and easy.

iPage Hosting Plan


iPage Hosting Plan comprises of many features and tools to improve and develop your website. With this hosting plan you can get the Security Site Lock that costs $100 for free, has free domain registration, site-building tools to design the pages of your website, free unlimited disk space, unlimited transfer or bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited MySL Databases.


If you wish to sell online, iPage offers a free online store and a shopping cart. This is integrated with PayPal. iPAge has a powerful and efficient control panel too. You can read, send, and receive email messages too.

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To advertise your website, iPage Hosting Plan has marketing tools that can boost the traffic of your website and help gain customers and revenues. These include the Google Webmaster tools, $100 Google Adwords Bonus, $25 Credit for yahoo/ Bing Searches, $50 credit for Facebook advertising, free listing, and free toll- free phone number for U.S. residents only.

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The 24/7 Customer Support of iPage is also very supportive, knowledgeable and can assist you anytime if you need help.

All these benefits you can get from iPage Hosting Plan at a low price of $1.99 now. It is on sale now and the price is effective for the first three months and it will be renewed at its regular rate with low amount too.

What are the payment policies of iPage?


There are payment policies of iPage you have to know and comply with to acquire iPage Hosting Plan.

It is stated in their policy that the accounts will not be activated without payment. All accounts are to be renewed thoroughly. There should not have incomplete, incorrect, or questionable information or else the accounts will not be activated.

It is not the responsibility of iPage of any losses or expenses experienced by the website owner. All fees are due at the time of renewing the accounts and the said fees must be paid in US currency.

How is the payment process?


The payment method used in iPage Host is credit card. First, you have to allow iPage to put your account in a payment plan that you are going to select and let it charge it to your credit card. If iPage is unable to process your payment through your credit card at the due date your account will be cancelled and considered non-payment. This prevents you to access your website or your email.

In case there is a suspension of your account or non-payment, your account will only be activated after payments are made to iPage. If there is any refund due to dispute with your credit cards, your account with iPage will be cancelled. iPage does not allow misuse or fraudently use of your credit cards. This is one of the violations of this policy and may result to termination of your account.

What is iPage renewal pricing?

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Promotional price renews at a regular rate. iPage regular rates for U.S., Canada, and Australia is $8.99 monthly and in UK is 4.99 in UK currency a month. In Europe the price rate is 4.99 euro a month. For Europe and UK, VAT is not included in GBP prices.

These prices can be updated at Billing Central. You may check it out always and review its billing payment.


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