To get a free domain name from iPage, you simply sign up with them. Otherwise put, if you purchase iPage’s basic web hosting plan, you will be given one free domain registration for a year.

window-like-graphics12 A free domain registration would mean one less domain to worry about. iPage will do the worrying for you. This is especially helpful in saving up on your expense of maintaining, not just one, but lots of domain names. Plus, consider it as a trial period for you to make the proper decision on whether or not it is the right domain name to use. If you think it’s not the right one, you can always abandon it at no cost. But if you feel it as the right domain name for you, you can now renew it as yours to use.


To utilize your free domain registration with iPage, note the following key features of its domain registration agreement:

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Is it really necessary to have your own domain name?

window-like-graphics18Yes, it is. It will help you establish your online business presence as serious and professional. Consequently, it will send a message to your customers and visitors that you are credible and reliable to do business with. It will also provide you of your own online professional address and location. As such, your customers and visitors will find it easier to remember your online business.


How much does a domain name cost?

window-like-graphics4It varies. Actually, it will depend on the TLD (Top-Level Domain) that you want. There are domain names that are not so expensive. These are the usual ones with TLD extensions, such as .com, .org and .biz, which can be utilized for just $14.99 per year at iPage. On the other hand, .ca, .name and .be TLDs are cheaper at $12.99 per year. Presently, the cheapest is the .net TLD, which is discounted at $9.99 per year. If you want domain names with TLD country affiliation, the cost is higher. The .us TLD costs $14.99 per year, but it can go as high as 16.95 per year for .eu and $42.99 per two years for For a complete menu of iPage’s TLD pricing, please visit their official website.


Renewal of domain registration

window-like-graphics19Domain renewal is made simple under iPage DomainCentral application. It keeps tab of the status of all your domains, even those not registered with iPage. With this, you can monitor whether its registration is about to expire. For automatic renewal of domain registration, you can enable iPage Domain Central’s ADRS, or Automatic Domain Renewal Service, free of charge. This will facilitate the processing of the renewal registration of your domain name 15 days before its expiration.


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