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iPage Hosting is an efficient service provider for many websites. They build and serve over 1,000,000 websites for 15 years already and continue providing hosting services to website owners.

sitebuilder-smallWebsite owners can design the pages of their websites with the Creation and Site Builder tools of iPage. They can get Site Builder tools for free with iPage Hosting Plan. There are available themes and templates that can build and enhance the pages of their websites.

The pages of their websites can be designed based on the personality of the website owners or can be professional. It depends on the design choices of the website owners.


This is perfected too with different features of iPage Hosting and with a minimal price rate, your website can be hosted and advertised with complete security. iPage Hosting prioritizes security as they offer a free Security Site Lock. Certainly, website owner benefited with the excellent service of iPage Hosting.

Websites hosted by iPage are of different categories and of types. There are health sites, educational, government, technology, marketing, arts, science, photography, home improvement, graphics sites, personal blog sites, miscellaneous, and many more.

Sample Sites

Below are some of the active websites hosted by iPage:

arrow-iconPersonal Blog Site
number 1 sample site

A lady named Tingting Rimart from United States of America owned this website. The website is more on a personal blog site. The overall look of this website is simple, beautiful, and it looks very interesting. Miss Rimart used many adds-on features by iPage. The posted articles are arranged religiously and noteworthy to read.

arrow-iconMarketing Website
number 2 sample site

The look of this website is very professional and speaks more about making business. It is designed robustly with iPage available themes. It is unique and everything is well-coordinated.

arrow-iconPhotography Websites
number 4 sample site

This website endorses the owner’s photography business. It is owned by a female photographer. It includes her portfolio. The photos are arrayed properly and looks very organized with the help of available templates of iPage Hosting. The site is designed artistically to attract many customers.

number 5 sample site

The website is full of arts with great photos. It offers photography service. The site is attractive and very creative.

arrow-iconArtistic Websites
number 6 sample site is simple yet unified. The owner used the iPage easy-to-use templates. This website is owned by a graphic designer from, El Paso, Texas.

number 7 sample site is all about fine arts, sculpture, and wood turning products. The website is made complete by iPage adds-on like photo gallery. The site is more of creative arts.

Other Active Websites Hosted by iPage

What iPage customers say about its hosting?

testimonials icon

iPage offers a great hosting plan. It features many tools from building your website to marketing. iPage partnered with web leaders like Google, Vensign, and ShopSite. They give importance in building your website, your email, and your security. In fact, they offer the Security Site Lock for free if you sign up with iPage Hosting Plan.

This Security Site Lock can secure your website from spammers, viruses, malwares, and spywares.iPage has a promotional price for its Hosting Plan now. It offers a price rate of $1.99 only a month for the first term. It is renewable after the first term at a low price too.

iPage customers are impressed with its hosting and its features that include the iPage easy-to-use available templates and themes. They are satisfied with the results of their websites and they also like the iPage control panel. The iPage customers give also credit to the 24/7 Customer support of iPage. According to them they are excellent, informative, and friendly.


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