iPage offers a variety of e-commerce tools to choose from. With more than 10 years of web hosting experience, they find ways to make their e-commerce applications flexible and appropriate to the unique needs of its customers.

Among its notable e-commerce tools are:

shopsite starter icon

ShopSite Starter application.

This will help you build and create your own online store in just minutes. There is no need for additional software applications. You simply follow the easy steps provided by iPage for its quick installation and configuration. With this software, you can have 15 product catalogues in 5 pages, which can be on the top list of search engines.

As such, it can provide you with an immediate presence online, which, in turn, can bring in customers and visitors to your website. Plus, it also has security features to ensure the protection of any sales transaction from internet hackers. If you want to upgrade to accommodate a bigger online store, iPage prepared two options for you to choose from.

These are the ShopSite Manager and ShopSite Pro, which will give you more flexibility in creating and designing your online store. iPage ShopSite Manager can give you limitless number of product pages, a variety of templates for your online store, mobile device support, and shopping cart and Google Analytics applications. With iPage ShopSite Pro, it can provide you with coupon codes for discounts and refunds, gift certificates and a reward scheme for your avid customers. It can even create your store on Facebook, as well as monitor the inventories of your products and its referrals.

SLL Certificate icon

SSL Certificate feature.

iPage has put in place its Shared SSL Certificate feature for online security of your confidential information and data when doing online transactions. This is done by encrypting and authenticating the corresponding sales information and data.

This will protect you against theft of said information and data by internet hackers, which they will surely use for their illegal purposes. If you want to upgrade, check out the iPage QuickSSL Premium Certificate and the iPage Extended Validation SSL Certificate for a higher degree of online protection.

quick online payment icon

Quick online processing of payments.

One of the iPage merchant accounts that you can utilize is AcceptSafe. This will help you accept the payments of your buyers through direct deposit within 1 to 2 days only.

It also provides the PayPal application, which is already accepted internationally as a reliable and safe payment method for online sales transactions. It is capable of receiving payments through debit cards, credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal balance. For its quick use by your customers, simply put in place ‘buy now’ indicators or shopping carts in your website.

doba icon

Doba product sourcing application.

This will help you manage and control the inventory of your products in a very convenient manner. It will also help you establish a speedy shipping and delivery procedure of your products to your customers. It will give you a product option of more than 1.5 million from more than 200 suppliers, with the lowest wholesale price available.

Simply choose from this product range and, thereafter, the suppliers will do the rest for you. The suppliers will even allow you to pay after your customers have already paid for the product supplied. So, why not try its free-of-charge trial for 14 days to see if it’s really what you need. They you can have it at only $59.95 per month.

With these iPage e-commerce tools, you can surely sell your products online. It has the capability of establishing an efficient online search and display of your products, quick and safe processing on online payments, as well as an effective system for product inventory and delivery. As such, there can be no doubt that the potential to earn lots will be maximized to your advantage.


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