Website’s statistics and analysis are very important for website’s management and development. The website owners must run and improve their websites by knowing their statistics and analysing the website’s log file.

iPage Hosting provides you with effective web analytics and web analysis tools for free when you enlist with trusted and award winning iPage Hosting Plan.

Defining Web Analytic and Web Analysis

Web analytic and web analysis are services that determine the website’s statistics such as the number of visitors, their location and their durations, the types of files, the pages, referrers, the sites, HTTP errors, search engine, the browsers, unique URLS, unique user and username, the worm attacks and the robot’s visits.

One example of web analytic is the Google Analytic. This web analytic is offered free by Google. It gives the detailed statistics of the website and its sales. Concession is also measured by Google Analytic. It can also trace the website’s visitors, direct visits, and referring visits. Email marketing, per-click network, advertising, and links within PDF documents are also displayed.

What are the web analytics and analysis tools used by iPage?

iPage does not use Google Analytic instead it uses the efficient web analytics such as Webalizer, AWStats, and iPage Visitors Statistics. Just like Google Analytic, these iPage web analytics and analysis tools determine the detailed statistics of your website. Besides the many features of iPage Hosting such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited email, free domain, security site lock, shopping cart, site builder tools, marketing tools, these web analytics and analysis tools are offered free of charge by iPage Hosting. You can get iPage Hosting Plan for only $1.99 monthly now. You will surely benefit from this and it is worth the pay!

What can you get from Webalizer?

Webalizer is a fast website statistics service. In fact, Webalizer can process and analyse 70,000 records per second and that is about 2 million hits in 30 seconds. It provides highly detailed website statistics that include configurable usage reports in the format of HTML or the Hyper Text Markup Language. It can operate the standard Common Log file Format (CLF) server logs. Webalizer has README file that displays the detailed information and configuration options too.

The Webalizer has unlimited log size file and it updates your log files every day. The report can be viewed in a Web browser. You can also receive email messages about the traffic of your website weekly or monthly.

Webalizer fully sustains about 33 languages. These languages are Albania, Arabic, Croatia, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Eastman, Finnish, French, Galicia, German, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesia, Japanese, Korea, Latria, Lithuania, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Ukrainian.

Webalizer also supports IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. It is distributed under the GNU or the General Public License with computer source code.

How does iPage Visitors Statistics function?

iPage Visitors Statistics determines your website’s statistics that include the number of your visits and the duration, the referrers, the distinctive URLS and users, the files, pages, and the response code. The iPage Visitors Statistics can also locate the visitors of your website and can analyse how the visitors navigate your website.

The Features of AWStats

The difference of AWStats from iPage Visitors Statistics is that in AWStats the web statistics is presented graphically. It also determines the website statistics, the type of files, bookmarks, HTTP errors, search engine, the pages, the browsers used, visit of robots, worm attacks, server size, and other personalized reports.

AWStats is issued under the General Public License too just like the Webalizer.


is it free service from ipage ????

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