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Creating your website and signing up in a web hosting company for its services are not the only things that a user has to consider. A user has to be concerned as well with the web host company’s terms of service, its agreement, and its policies. This is necessary and very significant to maintain the orderliness and management of the web host company. The website owners will surely benefit from this too.

Enlisting your website to a trusted and reliable web hosting, the iPage Hosting is definitely an excellent service for you. With its iPage Hosting Plan that offers many features from building your site, securing it to marketing, certainly your website will reach its goals successfully. However, before you sign up with a web host company plan, a user must know his responsibilities to the web host company.

What are your responsibilities to the web host company?

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You as a website owner or a user must know and study the terms of service and the policies of the web hosting company. You must also know the agreement enforced by the web hosting company.

Complying with these is very vital and it is safe for you and for the web hosting company. And they have to be followed as well.

iPage Hosting has Terms of Service, User Agreement, Acceptable User Policy, and Privacy Policy that you have to comply with before signing up with this great iPage Hosting Plan.

Do you own your website in iPage?

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Yes, you own your website in iPage. The website you build and created for your own purposes is also possessed by you. This will be discussed further with iPage’s User Agreement and iPage’s services, your rights, and iPage Host’s rights.

iPage’s User Agreement


iPage’s User Agreement is a contract between you and the iPage about the order, the designated service, and the user agreement. With this agreement, you have to comply with all the terms and conditions of the agreement including the iPage’s Acceptable Use Policy.


It is stated in this agreement, that the User is the owner of his website and each element of this website. Licenses, consents, permissions, waivers, and releases of the website must be secured by the website owner or the user. The website owner must also observe the laws, rules and regulations in regards to his website and use it for lawful purposes.


The website owner must also guarantee that his website is free from computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, malwares, and other malicious wares. He is also responsible for the maintenance of his website and its operation. If he has an online store, he is responsible too for all the products he is going to offer.

copy reproduce ipageThe website owner must also permit iPage to copy, use, reproduce, and distribute all the elements of his website including its contents.

What are the services of iPage Host?

Your site is licensed to iPage during the term you agreed upon and this is effective on the day you sign up with iPage Hosting Plan. iPage does not possess your website or acquire any right in your website however it manages and develops your website from building to marketing it.

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iPage services include digitizing, publishing, reproducing, installing, uploading, selecting, ordering, arranging, compiling, combining, synchronizing, processing, retrieving, distributing, publicly displaying, and hyperlinking your website. iPage also backups the contents, your database and files of your website through locating the Backup/Restore tab at iPage powerful vDeck Control Panel. iPage has the right to the services and iPage trade names, trademarks, service mails, copyright, trade secrets, patents, functions, designs, marketing, and promotion of your website.


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