It is difficult to judge complaints that you see on the web. On one hand, you have glowing reviews of a web hosting service, which you do not know if you should believe or not. Then you have these angry and emotional posts about how cheated they feel regarding a particular web host.

It is best to stick to the facts when dealing with complaints. What are we complaining about? Is there something that we overlooked, which is why we are not seeing the situation clearly? Did we just assume some facts or was there a clear misstep along the way?

In our effort to give you objective reviews of iPage as a service, we’ve gotten the top complaints about iPage and researched in detail if these complaints are indeed valid or not.

What does iPage offer you, anyway?

Before we get things started, let’s review what iPage offers you:

  • Affordably priced hosting package, starting at $1.99 per month (more on this later)
  • Anytime money back guarantee
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Unlimited data traffic
  • Unlimited MySQL accounts
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • Shared SSL
  • Support for content management systems like WordPress and Nucleus, Drupal and Joomla

And many more. You also have your 24/7 customer support team that is dedicated to your account with iPage so that you don’t have to wait for a long time just to get feedback from the team.

Typical complaint #1: Too much downtime

You see a lot of complaints that iPage is always down. What do we mean by always? Does this mean you cannot access your site anymore? Check your iPage hosted site if it is up now. Chances are, it is.

iPage advertises that it is up 99.5% of the time. What does this number really mean? It means that the site CAN be down for less than 1 hour per week. This does not seem so bad especially if the down time happens during the wee hours in the morning. Here are other factors that may affect the loading of your site:

  • Your internet connection. You may have intermittent connection, which contributes to the failure of your site loading.
  • Your images used in the site might be too heavy, making your site difficult to load even at normal internet speed
  • Your browser might be outdated or you may need to restart your computer.

Typical complaint #2: My account got suspended!

Accounts may be suspended, under iPage’s terms and conditions, if you seem to be abusing the unlimited data traffic and storage. Usually, storage is not the common issue but the data traffic is.

This is placed so that you are protected, as a customer, from other abusive sites. But the thing is, sometimes, we don’t know that we are hogging the traffic.  WordPress is a pretty traffic-heavy tool so you maybe flagged if you do not enable things like caching in your web admin tool. This is why Nucleus, a more recent form of CMS, is gaining popularity because it is lighter than WordPress

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