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IPage normally gives some good promotions such as the one where you only need to pay $1.99 per month for three months. The promotion is quite reasonable when compared to other domain web providers that offer these at a higher price with a minimum term of a year. Payment terms given by iPage are normally from major credit cards or PayPal.

PayPal Payments

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PayPal is one of the most popular since it is already integrated with iPage. iPage allows the use of various debit and credit cards for payment of online transactions along with PayPal. The PayPal integration further helps business website owners to sell their products and services through the use of selling tools and online stores. The features that are offered to enhance online selling are sales options, catalogs using coupons and shopping carts.

Online Payments Availability

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The pooled server environment enhances the use of the electronic payment since it readily allows any server to be accessed by a website when a request occurs. This is due to the website having a faster and better technology which is connected to iPage’s network infrastructure. Paypal works in partnership with iPage since it is the global leader in online banking and payments. This feature enhances the web host experience of website owners since payment options are already included.

Payment Methods

iPage packages and add-ons can be paid with PayPal, credit cards and debit cards. One of the most trusted online banking system uses PayPal since it is popularly used in marketplaces such as eBay. Website customers may be induced to buy from your website if they are uncomfortable with the idea of giving out credit information to web host providers such as iPage or other websites. The use of credit cards mean that you will need to give out:

ipage credit cardCard Number
Card Security Code ipageCard Security Code
Expiration Date ipageExpiration Date

Steps to Pay by PayPal

One simple click is the motto of iPage since payment by PayPal is easy to do. The following steps are the most basic requirement by iPage to pay by PayPal.

  • number 1 iconThe first step is to go to iPage’s official site.step 1
  • number 2 iconIf you are not yet registered then click the button “Sign up now.”step 2
  • number 3 iconThe page will be refreshed to reveal where the domains can be selected. iPage allows you to make a new domain name or use your current website. Click the check box of the option you want. step 3
  • number 4 iconAfter clicking the option, you will need to click the button “continue.”step 7
  • number 5 iconThe page will be refreshed to the billing information. A few personal information will need to be filled in the panel. This includes your Email address, contact number and Name.step 4
  • number 6 iconLook for the heading of “payment information.” The payment method will need to be selected. Payment by PayPal means that you will need to select the payment type “PayPal.” If you prefer to pay by credit card, there are some options available with regards to MasterCard, American Express, Discover or Visa. step 5
  • number 7 iconCheck whether you have completed the sign-up details. Click the “Check out” button to finalize and complete the registration.step 6

iPage as a Choice


iPage is a reasonably priced web hosting provider at $2.95 per month. But there are times where iPage offers a lower price at $1.99 per month which is limited to only the first three months. Both the given rates are lower than other web host providers. Additional discounts can be given by iPage when you acquire online coupon codes.

The popularity of iPage is due to its multiple features that includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth, transfer of domain names and has a free domain registration. Domain costs are normally charged at $15 per year.


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I tried to sign up last year using my Taiwanese credit card, but after the first month, it rsueefd the autopaypal charge the next month and I got an email stating that Majority.fm canceled my account. It took me a while to work out what happened. Apparently my issuing bank expects me to call them every month before the automatic charge takes place, on that day, so they can allow it. I’m told that as a foreigner living in Taiwan, I’m lucky to have a credit card at all. Anyway, I did some jiujitsu and set up a PayPal account on a joint bank account with my father in the US, for the sole purpose of making my meager $10 monthly membership contribution (btw I’ve been unemployed for the last 8 months), and I have to transfer money monthly from my local bank to the US, again to accomplish this goal. BUT IT’S WORTH IT. That Thomas Frank interview from last week was just another example of what makes your show so valuable. Oh, btw, I owe you some money for members-only podcasts over the last 6 months or so that I technically shouldn’t have had access to, but I think I can make that up in individual contributions here and there. I’m sorry for having gamed the system for so long, but I’ll make good on it and I’m glad to finally have what appears to be a working monthly contribution thing set up and functioning.


I joined bsceuae my finances are finally such that I can do this. I work 2nd shift, so most days I can listen to the whole show live. I need the show to help keep my sanity.Also Sam, along with the Morning Sedition crew made it a lot easier to get through the aftermath of the 2004 election. I busted my f*cking *ss to get Kerry elected, even though Dean was my guy. Knocked on doors, phone banked, blah, blah, blah.To my fellow listeners: if you can swing please DO become a member. I you don’t, Sammy will be replaced by Lionel. Nobody wants that!Peace,Mazareth


Very informative article about PayPal. I just read that PayPal will shortly stop serving Turkey due to regulatory restrictions.

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