iPage is a web hosting provider that allows the website owner to pay by credit card, debit card and Paypal.

Hosting Plan Payments

pay ipage with credit card

Debit cards are also allowed since payments to iPage are automatically deducted from the website owner’s bank account without additional authorization from you in the succeeding monthly payments. This makes the information that it contains considerably more secure than those that are contained in credit cards. Both debit and credit cards can be accepted under Visa, Discover, Mastercard and American express since these are trusted financial companies.

There are some precautions when using debit cards such as that you can allow iPage to charge the recurring fees or subsequent fees of your hosting package from your bank account without additional authorizations. This means that your bank account will slowly decrease due to the automatic deductions made by iPage at monthly intervals. Paying by credit card means that you will need to give the following information:

ipage credit cardCard Number
Card Security Code ipageCard Security Code
Expiration Date ipageExpiration Date

Payment for Promotions

pay with debit card for ipage

Promotions can be paid under an electronic payment system that normally allows and uses credit cards. The use of the electronic payment system for the $1.99 per month promotion of iPage also allows the use of the debit card since it can pass through the same system.

PayPal is Allowed

ipage paypal allowed

iPage allows a variety of payment options which can be used by the seller for its online sales. The online stores primarily uses multiple features that include sales options, catalogs, coupons and shopping carts.

The most popular electronic payment system is PayPal since it is successfully integrated in the web host provider and as well as website domains offered by iPage. The integration of PayPal also enhances your website since it will also allow the payments of credit cards online.

Client and Website Support

ipage customer support

New website owners will need to go through a period where they will be unfamiliar with the website development. It implies that you as a new computer user will be unfamiliar with computer terms aside from the installation of various features and applications.

This makes the customer support essential for you in the first few weeks of website development since they can help you improve the design and options offered in your website. The customer support team is readily available 24 hours a week which is contacted through online chat, phone and by email.

Steps to Pay by Debit Card

The steps on paying by debit card are easy to do since it just needs one click. This also means that you can use the following steps to pay by PayPal as your payment method.

  • number 1 iconThe first step is to check if you have signed up with iPage.
    step 1
  • number 2 iconIf not yet then click the “Sign up now” button.
    step 2
  • number 3 iconA new page will be opened where domains can be selected. You have the options of making a new domain with iPage or to use your current website. Look for the option you want before clicking the check box.
    step 3
  • number 4 iconWhen you have clicked the option then you need, click the “continue” button.
    step 7
  • number 5 iconA new page will be opened containing the billing information needed. You need enter some personal information in the panel that includes your contact number, Email address and Real Name.
    step 4
  • number 6 iconLook for the “payment information” heading. Select the payment method you may want to use. If you are paying by credit or debit card then click the payment type “Credit card/debit card.” You will need to type in some credit information.
    step 5
  • number 7 iconThe sign up details will need to be complete before you can click the “Check out” button. When you click the previous button, your registration will be complete.
    step 6


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