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For some good reasons such as attaining stability and productivity of your website, probably you would like to transfer your website into a great web hosting company. And if you desire to transfer your website to a reliable iPage Host, you just made a right decision.

With iPage Hosting Plan, your website will be created, secured, and be beneficial to you. However you have to consider things such as how to transfer your website to iPage, the domain transfer registration, and iPage restrictions on transfer.

What is the definition of domain transfer?


The domain is actually your website. Domain transfer is the relocation of the management of your domain from one web hosting company to another. The process is simple yet you have to study and understand the domain transfer registration, the steps on how to transfer, and the restrictions on transfer.

Can you relocate your website to iPage?

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You can relocate your website to iPage. They would be grateful that you choose them and trust them to manage your website. However, there are iPage agreement and restrictions that you have to know and consider. And you have to comply with them to have a successful transfer to iPage.

iPage Agreement and Restrictions on Transfer


You have to understand and complete all the requirements of the domain transfer registration before you can transfer your site to iPage. You have to comply that your domain name can be re-transferred back to your former web host company and you have to tender a written request about your transfer.

iPage has the authority to approve or deny your transfer application for some reasons. So it is very important that you must complete all information that is required by iPage such as contact information, data about your name server, etc. It is also important that your domain is active. You will be notified within 5 days if your application is in progress or rejected.

iPage has also restrictions on transfer such as not transferring your domain to another web host company during the first 60 days from the date of completion of your domain transfer to iPage.

What are the steps on how to transfer your website to iPage?

iPage does not charge any fees when you decide to transfer to them. The following are the steps on how to transfer your website to iPage:

    • number 1 iconIt is very important that your domain name must be unlocked before you transfer to iPage. So the first thing you have to do is unlock your domain name to your former web hosting company. You can unlock it manually. You must sign up too to iPage Hosting Plan. screenshot 1
    • number 2 iconProcure an authorization code which is also called transfer key or EEPS which is assigned by the domain name registries when you registered. In transferring your domain, this code is required. On how to obtain an authorization code, you have to check out the iPage Knowledgeable base.screenshot 2
    • number 3 iconAfter obtaining an authorization code, you may log in to your account at iPage then open the “Domain Central” tab at your hosting control panel. Enter your domain name by selecting the “Add Existing Domain” then click the “Add” tab.screenshot 3
    • number 4 iconThen click your domain name and go to domain setting dialog.

      screenshot 4

    • number 5 iconEnter your authorization code and click the “Transfer” tab.

      screenshot 5

    • number 6 iconAfter that, you will be notified through email the instructions about the transfer process and its completion. Just follow the instructions emailed to you and this will complete your transfer to iPage.
    • number 7 iconAfter heeding the following instructions, you can have you domain at iPage hosting.
    • number 9Finally, it is necessary to lock your domain for security purposes.


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