Transferring your website from a web hosting company to another is in your sole discretion for reasons such as unavailability of payment method and other things. However you have to know on how to transfer from your current web hosting company to another.

If you desire to transfer away from iPage, you have to know the agreements regarding relocating your domain, domain transfer registration, and payment for transfer. There are also restrictions on transfer that you have to agree upon, so that you can successfully transfer to another web hosting company.

Can I move out my website from iPage to another web hosting company? You can move out from iPage to another web hosting company provided that you have to comply with iPage agreement about transferring and iPage restrictions on transfer.

What are iPage’s restrictions on transfer?

It is necessary to obey the iPage restrictions on transfer so that you can move out to another web host company. The restrictions of iPage on transfer are as follows:

  • arrow-iconYou cannot transfer to another web hosting company for 60 days from the time of your initial domain registration.
  • arrow-iconIf you are going to use the iPage transfer lock service, you have to submit an electronic written authorization to iPage stating your transfer to another web hosting company and pay the fees that iPage is going to charge you.
  • arrow-iconIt is in the sole discretion of iPage to approve or deny your transfer request. If in case it is denied, the reasons for it could be dispute about your identity, unresolved payment fees, and bankruptcy.

Things to Know about Transfer Lock

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You have to agree that iPage is not responsible to lock your domain into its transfer lock service. You have to it manually by going to your control panel. And iPage does not guarantee the security of the transfer service that it will stop any unauthorized transfer to your domain. iPage is not liable to any inconvenience in transferring your domain and to any failure such as loss of your data and your files.

How to move out your website from iPage?

The following are the steps you have to know and follow in transferring your website away from iPage:

  • number 1 iconYou have to find a new web host company first and sign up in it.
  • number 2 iconNext, you have to backup or download a copy of your database and your files to your computer by using free software called phpMyadmin. You just have to log in at phpMyadmin and choose all the database and files you are going to back up and download then click the ‘Export” tab. Then click the “Go” tab at the bottom. The downloading will start until your database and files are backed up already. Another way to back up your files is by using FTP program or the Filozilla. This is free of charge too. It will backup and download your database and files in your directory to your computer.
  • number 3 iconYou have to upload your database and your files to your new web host company. Just simply follow your new web host company regarding uploading your files into their system. It is also important to follow their agreement and restrictions on transfer.
  • number 4 iconBy using again phpMyadmin, import your database and files to newer sets. This can be done with the available control panel of your new web host company.
  • number 5 iconLastly, you have to redirect your visitors and customers to your new website by changing your DNS settings with iPage. In doing so, you can retain your customers and even return your free domain with iPage.


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