Looking for the perfect WordPress theme for a sports club or fitness center? Are you a personal trainer looking to promote your services online? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’re going to present to you some of the best premium WordPress themes with all the functionality and features you need for your sports or fitness related website. These themes are perfect for gym, fitness, sports club, and other sports-related activities. What’s more, they’re responsive and mobile-friendly!

Without further ado, here are 10 premium responsive WordPress themes for sports. See what works best for you.

Fitness Sport Gym

1 - Fitness Sport Gym

Fitness Sport Gym is a premium responsive WordPress theme for sports clubs, fitness clubs, health clubs, gyms, personal trainers, and other sports and health related clubs and activities. It has a purpose-oriented design that comes with events/classes, schedule/timetable, and opening hours. It’s the theme of choice for those with zero programming skills, as well as advanced WordPress developers.

Gym Guide

2 - Gym Guide

This WordPress theme was designed with gym and fitness centers in mind. It easy to customize and ready to use out of the box. Included in the package are PSD files that were customized to allow fast skinning.


3 - Fit+

Sports is all about strength, willpower, competitive spirit, and the strong desire to be a winner. If you also plan to launch a successful sports-related website, then you should turn your attention to this fresh and powerful premium WordPress theme called Fit+.

Soccer Club

4 - Soccer Club

This premium responsive WordPress theme is perfect for football clubs, basketball clubs, soccer clubs, tennis clubs, and other sports clubs. The theme features team players, sports news, and fixtures, among many others.


5 - Sport

Sport is a flexible and highly customizable WordPress theme that’s especially designed for sports clubs and community centers, as well as social and special interest communities. It’s a well-crafted, multi-page, multi-purpose premium theme that’s perfect for any sports-related website. It’s clean, minimalistic, modular, and flexible.


6 - Gameday

This premium responsive WordPress theme is perfect for sports websites. It comes with advanced features like WooCommerce and bbPress integration, custom-built scoreboard, a drag-and-drop homepage, slider on each category page, 4 different ad units, and a whole lot more besides.


7 - Sporty

Sporty is a responsive sports theme for WordPress that’s ideal for sports clubs like soccer, football, basketball, baseball, rugby, volleyball, ice hockey, and more.


8 - Fitpro

This modern fitness theme for WordPress is carefully hand-crafted to meet the needs of gyms, fitness/sports clubs, and other related small businesses. It’s the result of a detailed study of the requirements and design of actual sports-related websites. It comes loaded with features and aims to address everything you need for your sports website so you can establish a strong online presence while incorporating the latest web design trends.

Club Sports

9 - Clubsports

Club Sports is perfect for sports and fitness clubs/societies. The theme has teams, players, sports news, and fixtures options that you can easily maintain.


10 - FitnessGym

This premium responsive WordPress theme is perfect for sports-related sites. It’s a clean, flexible, and retina-ready theme that comes loaded with features, with powerful customization options. It’s built with the latest techniques in HTML5 and CSS3. The theme is easy to set up and customize, thanks to its smart admin panel.


Vegetables Fresh whether Juiced Nutrition Tips as part of the expret series by GeoBeats. Juicing is one of those things that comes up a lot in my trade as fit. There are some truly big benefits to that, at hand are also some really lifesize detriments. Okhay, if you consider it, you have person sit down fur at a table and you put downcast in front of them a bunch of celery, a head of cabbage, two carrots, a clod of gingery, and an apple, and you voice, “Have at it!” they are active to facade at you as if you are berserk. “I cannot eat all of that.” However, if you take all of that stuff and you put it into a juicer, juice it, and past pour them this nice glass, maybe this volume, it is extremely easy to have all of those vegetables all at once. Within some ways, that is a good thing. In some ways, that can glucinium a bad thing because even though vegetables are fairly short in sugar, once you concentrate that untold into a single glass or a single bottle which you can find a lot of periods in the stores, you can shutting up with way de trop sugar all at once. It is like a sugar bomb. In some ways, you might as well have that Snickers bar, right? Glucinium really aware of how untold sugar you are feat in that glass. Ane of the key things that people do not as a rule comprehend astir juicers: there are two kinds. There is the Vita-Mix kind, which just looks like a blender, and you put everything within and it all goes, “Buzz,” and you pour everything down. There’s the other kind of consumer that has the liquid that comes out of one side of the machine and the pulp that comes out of the other broadside of the machine. I do not recommend that kind because that pulp is what contains the fiber, both soluble and insoluble fibers, that relief to slow down the door of the sweetener into the policy. If you use that kind of machine, OR you’ve spent a integral lot of money on that kinda machine, take at least half of that fiber and stir it back into your juice glass, provided you insist on juicing. What I tend to recommend for using juicing for is a basis all for a smoothie, which is going to give you protein and fat likewise , so you somebody a complete meal in that glass rather than just a shot of juice. That little zing’ you get after having that little glass of juice in the middle of your afternoon, it is not from the enzymes, folks. It is the sugar. Raw versus cooked vegetables, it all depends on the vegetable. Some vegetables you want to human at least what I call wilted: the mustard families, which include mustard green, which is obvious, it is also spinach. When you are looking at confident vegetables that status to be cooked or At tiniest wilted, the reason for that is that they contain high amounts of certain substances that can bring on damage if you keep taking them in, in large quantities. A lot of my vegetarians—that is great, they are eating lots of vegetables—have a tendency to eat a lot of the raw ones that actually should be braised all for the highest benefit of the body. Things like spinach, property like mustard greens have a high amount of oxalic acid. You want to have that cooked because the heat actually helps to break that down and does not cause the tendency to create kidney stones that the raw vegetable does. Then you can look at things like, well, the cruciferous family. You have Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy—that whole group that if you were to cook it and put some extra in the fridge and cover it ahead, you open it ascending the next morning, you appear the lid and a-okay, “Whew, it smells like sulfur!”—that group. That bloc also needs to be white at least to the hard . Even whether you are doing a vege-dip for a party, you want to make sure you blanch those just a little bit: they have the ability to inactive beryllium crunchy. Again you are breaking low any of those things that are going to metal potentially much more difficult for your body’s chemistry to deal with. Lettuces are large, and green beans are fabulous: you can have them cooked OR coarse, no matter which way you want to go. There are certain vegetables as well that you ant to have, depending on whether you are male Or female, you want to have raw Or cooked. The key one here is tomatoes. Cooked tomatoes for men is much better—they grasp much more lycopene released when those tomatoes are cooked—and lycopene is a key player in prostate health. Women actually do better when that tomato is raw. The key when you are looking at what is right all for you is to really know what is proper for your chemistry. Sometimes it takes feat some aid in reckoning that out, but really, provided you are active to be vegetarian, rude vegan, omnivorous, Or lacto-pesca-tarian, there are lots of different ways to devour, and eat healthy. You just need to know however to do it.


This is really an awesome collection of fitness WordPress themes.

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