Looking for plugins to further expand your Opencart eCommerce site’s functionality. No worries, we’ve got you covered!

In today’s article, we’re going to share with you 10 powerful Opencart plugins you must have. These plugins will further improve and add new functions to your eCommerce site, like adding an image slider, product comparisons, dashboard UI, auto-complete web search form, shipping management, and more.

Let’s jump right in!



Shipping Cost by Zone


Shipping Cost by Zone is a premium Opencart plugin that lets you customize the shipping rate on your eCommerce site, depending on cities, zones, regions, etc. It supports multiple languages, currencies, and stores. It has a clean code and design, and is cross-browser compatible. Installing, using, and customizing this plugin is quick and easy!


Better Dashboard


This powerful Opencart plugin has a nice and clean dashboard that comes with important stats and pie chart of your 5 best-selling products. It features the last 10 orders made from your site; displays your total sales for the day, month, and year; and comes with product and category inventory.


Opencart Product Compare Link


The Opencart Product Compare Link plugin has a VQMOD file add feature that generates links to your compare page. You can share these links on a forum, discussion community, message board, or through email. No core files are overwritten. It supports two themes: the default theme and the Shoppica2 theme.


Multifeatured Product Module


This premium Opencart plugin is a must-have extension that will help you create unlimited featured modules at your homepage or anywhere else on your eCommerce site. You can display your products by each module, along with your customizations. You can create unlimited featured modules. It’s a highly customizable plugin that’s compatible with almost all themes, and supports multiple languages and stores.


Adv Opencart Price Slider


Adv Opencart Price Slider is a powerful Opencart plugin that filters products according to price. It adds a sidebar on the category page. It’s based fully on AJAX, support multi-language, and allows you to change the color.


Masonry Products


This Opencart plugin helps you display all of your products in one page, which will help your customers save a lot of time that’s usually spent clicking on the pagination’s number. You can select from two themes: default or Masonry. There’s an option to show or hide content, too. There are no core file changes, and it’s easy to install and use.


Opencart Testimonial


Opencart Testimonial is a powerful Opencart plugin that lets you display testimonials from customers on your Opencart webite. It allows you and your clients to add more testimonials and display product by module or list pages. What’s more, it increases trust and interaction with clients. With this plugin, you can add unlimited testimonials. It features advanced module and typography options. It’s fully and easily customizable, too.


Adv Opencart Ajax Filter


Adv Opencart Ajax Filter is an Opencart plugin that filters products based on category, options, attributes, manufacturers, filters, tags, and stock.


Opencart Super Search


This powerful Opencart plugin is a must-have for your eCommerce site. It’s a three-in-one package that lets you do the following:

  • Auto-suggestion that completes visitors’ typing to help them quickly find products, categories and search terms;
  • Smarter, more relevant, and more search engine like results for searches; and
  • Search term logs and stats to show what your visitors are searching for to help you improve your site and product lines.


Advanced Stock Notification


Advanced Stock Notification is a powerful premium plugin for Opencart that’s developed for business owners who want to maximize their store potential but don’t want to be bothered with technical and time-consuming stuff. It comes with custom systems to help you along the way, like an Update Notice System, a Report System for sending possible bug issues with a single click, and a Support and Suggestion System, as well. You’ll receive weekly updates so you can add new features and fix possible bugs.


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