Dealing with web typography can be quite tricky. Each browser comes with their own algorithms for rendering fonts which could lead to unexpected problems and discrepancies. The sad thing is that there are only a few CSS properties out there that you can use to have some control over fonts, like kerning, smoothing, etc. Not only that, you have to deal with many layout issues, too.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of resources that you can use to take over the wheel. Here are 10 handy tools, libraries and frameworks for web typography. Use them to make your tasks a whole lot easier.






Gridlover provides an adjustable CSS for font sizes, line heights, and margins. The default CSS output is for body, p, and h1 – h2 headings. You can also apply your adjusted values to any element by editing the CSS later.




This JS library adds the line class in each line of your paragraph. This lets you style the line separately, stimulating the idea of ::nth-line()::nth-last-line() and ::last-line pseudo-classes which is not present in CSS. What’s more, this library supports Chinese paragraph flow.




CSS finally meets kerning with Kerning.js! With it, you can automatically kern, style, transform, and scale your web typography with real CSS rules. Now, you have complete control over your typography!




This web typography plugin works by expanding the size of a font to fill the entire width of its container. It works out of the box with the algorithm. Simply put, it measures the container width, the length of the font character, and appends the proper size of the font.


Type Rendering Mix


Type Rendering Mix detects your browser’s text rasterizer and anti-aliasing method by parsing the user agent string. It then adds two classes to your HTML element; one to describe the text rasterizer and the other one the anti-aliasing method it’s using: <html class=”tr-coretext tr-aa-subpixel”>.




This JS library makes the text underline better. Make sure to check the demo and hover over the lines. Compare it with the underline output of current CSS text-decoration standard and you’ll surely become an instant fan of this JS library.


Modular Scale


Modular Scale is a tool that generates ideal font scaling for body and heading text. It outputs in Sass which should be used along with its Sass library. You can also use JavaScript as an alternative.




Creating a dropcap can be done with current standards in CSS, but the outcome isn’t perfect yet. It might not even be your cup of tea. For that, there’s Dropcap.js, which is developed by Adobe Web Platform. It aims to allow web designers to apply a perfect dropcap the easy and simple way.




FlowType is a web typography plugin that dynamically adjusts the font size based on a specific wrapper width. It helps you apply an ideal number of characters per line, at any screen width. The library comes with options where you can set min/max screen width, min/max font size, and font ratio.


Type Scale


This web application will help you easily determine the perfect font size for your site. It provides a simple and intuitive GUI to insert base font size, scale, and font family you want to use. The results will be visualized for you so you can experiment with the font scale to get the right value. Once you’re done, simply grab the CSS and you’re good to go!


, Citizen Tom, bullies bully for a nuebmr of reasons You don’t think they’d bully the weird girl who asked to leave the room for religious purposes? Hell, she’s already wearing a burka. That alone can get you picked on.Or what if I’m Atheist. Is it fair that my tax dollars pay to provide that prayer every day? Now before you say the resources needed are minimal, think about this: there are 180 school days every year. If every public school in the country spends 1 minute a day on prayer, every year, that is 3 hours of labor per employee (think about how many employees there are in public schools), three hours of utility bills per building, 3 hours cut from instruction time per student, etc It really adds up. I assume that as you read those last two examples, you’re thinking something along the lines of, Oh, but Christianity is the true religion; all others are wrong. But don’t bother arguing that because you can’t prove it. The day someone proves the existence of God, I’ll gladly take back everything I’ve said. But until that day, you have no more proof that your beliefs are true than anyone else. That’s why, even though I don’t believe in your practices and think they are hurtful, I support your right to practice freely. See? Compromise.Now, the secular solution to this problem which, contrary to your belief, has the interests of both religious and non-religious individuals at heart is to remove prayer from schools altogether. That way, the religious can choose to pray before or after school or hell, even during, if that’s how they want to spend their lunch breaks and the nonreligious don’t have to spend money to fund the prayers. And for the record, themadjewess, here in South Carolina, not a year goes by without one Christian group or another raising hell because they think their federal rights are being violated because there isn’t prayer in school. 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Of course, today, most of us read that statement as racist, but many people during that time agreed with this judge’s beliefs.Before that, the Bible was used to support slavery, the stoning of women, and other hateful activities. But that’s what happens. Modern religion uses an interpretation of the Bible that happens to mesh well with modern practices If anything is too difficult to follow, we just say, Oh well that was just how they lived 2,000 years ago; God doesn’t want me to do that now. Funny how that only applies to the laws that the majority of Christians don’t feel like following I doubt most appreciate how much men use to value womenTom, you wrote that on the purses then and now post. I agree. But you will not hear that from feminists.Feminism is man hatred. When the rubber meets the road and the petal hits the metal, one thing I know- women will rely on men again.ONLY for that, will I be glad., b/c bad times are coming. 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Period.

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