Magazine WordPress themes have been a hit for a lot of people for quite some time now. This is because the way their layouts are crafted are so beautiful and clean that they can attract many potential readers.

Below are 10 wonderful choices as magazine themes for WordPress. Although they come with a price, rest assured that you will definitely have your money’s worth when purchasing these themes. You will be provided with the functionalities you will need in a regular magazine website and maybe even more! Make sure to check out their respective demos to see the magic unfold with your very own eyes.


ipage raeviewDeveloped especially for the use of those needing news and magazine websites, Deadline is a premium responsive WordPress theme that comes with so many features. Among these are its fully widgetized homepage, custom widgets and shortcodes, extensive theme options, and so many more. The clean and professional layout of Deadline will definitely make images, videos, and writings the highlight of your website.


ipage reviews
Periodic is a WordPress theme developed to be used as a foundation for blogging or magazine websites. The clean interface is meant to be the perfect background for your content. This enables your content to hog all the spotlight and therefore, all the attention. You even have many options to use such as the multitude of theme options, custom widgets and custom classes that help you customize your website’s environment.


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Now you have found a wonderful newspaper, magazine, or blog WordPress template because you have stumbled upon PIM. Upon purchase of this WordPress template, you also get flexible customization as one of the features. Under this category are the homepage widgets, skins, and fonts. PIM also lets you take control over the look and feel of your website via the control panel.

Big City

fatcow reviews

Big City is a personal and blog WordPress theme with lots to say. First of all, you are given an opportunity to have unlimited styling possibilities. How great would it be not to have bounds in customizing your website, right? Second, you have access to its slider and portfolio manager, extensive theme options, built-in contact form, powerful shortcodes and so many more! Why in the world would let this opportunity of making Big City as your official online magazine partner when it’s right there in front of you now?



cooolZine was developed to provide you with the needs of a typical e-zine would have. With it, you can give your visitors a wonderful user experience. It comes with five different backgrounds, multi-level main navigation, many options for customizing and more. It’s definitely one of the cooler ways to display your media content in, so why not give it a try?



ZillaPress is a clean and premium Magazine/Community/Personal Blog WordPress theme that comes with a truckload of awesome features. These include an impressive array of custom options for you to use, widgets that give you the ability to completely customize your website, and so many more options. Are you really going to let ZillaPress pass by you and miss all the fun and wonders that it can offer you?

Sofa Rooster


Sofa Rooster is a clean WordPress theme with lots to offer. Now WordPress 3.0+ compliant, it offers more features than the previous versions. With 9 ready made widgets, the featured content jQuey slider, dual home page layout, multilevel drop-down navigation and so many more features, what else can you really look for in a magazine WordPress theme?



Magzimus is a great choice when you’re making a blog or magazine website because it focuses more on providing functionality for your websites-to-be. A powerful and flexible theme, Magzibus is also responsive. No programming knowledge is even required when using this theme! Because of the number of options provided, you will have no trouble customizing your website.



If you’re looking for an awesome news/magazine theme, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! Repro might be the one for you! Jam packed with awesome features such as the custom options, custom widgets and a dollop of good looks, you will definitely get your money’s worth when taking full advantage of the aforementioned features and more!



Collective is a WordPress theme developed carefully and designed to be used for news, magazine, industry news, or community websites. This WP themes comes with many custom widgets, unique page templates, many color schemes, theme options and so many more.

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