The immense popularity of WordPress is due in part to its nearly unlimited expandability with plugins. No matter what you want to create or do with this CMS, there’s an almost absolute certainty that a plugin for it already exists.

But with the hundreds of thousands of WordPress plugins available out there, it could be hard to find the right one for you. This could get even more challenging when it comes to niche plugins that offer solutions to not-so-common problems and are therefore not well-known. For that reason, we have decided to round up 10 fresh free plugins for WordPress this March 2015 that are not yet known to everybody but could be quite useful.

Check them out!

Easy Replace


Easy Replace allows you to easily find a phrase and replace it right away. You can apply this to various categories of post types.


Tag Wiki for WordPress


This fresh free plugin for WordPress lets you add a wiki page for each tag on your website. It’s not your run-of-the-mill tag listing page. It’s a first-class post that comes with its own URL, content, and highly customizable template. The wiki page for a tag is perfect for writing summaries about what your site visitors might find in that particular tag. You can also provide overviews of the topic or include links to related tags.

Ultimate Member


Ultimate Member is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to add beautiful user profiles to your site and create advanced online communities. It lets users sign up and become members of your site, all from the front end. The plugins focuses on flexibility and simplicity in creating a community and membership site with WordPress. Give it a shot today!

By this Author


This free WordPress plugin allows you to tag articles with the names of authors to which they are attributed to. So when you’re making an author’s bio page, you can insert a shortcode so you can display a list of articles authored by or attributed to a registered user. If a user later registers using the same name and starts publishing his/her own posts, the articles will automatically be inserted into their bio page.

Requirements Checklist


Requirements Checklist lets admins require content to be entered before a page or post can be published. At present, the plugin supports requirements for title, WYSIWYG editor, featured image, excerpt, categories, tags, and up to 5 custom taxonomies per post type.

Tweak Hidden Options


This fresh free WordPress plugin allows you to modify various WordPress options that the platform doesn’t link to from the standard interface. All of the options are provided in safe select-down options, without any user-input data, so it’s safe for any user to use.

Code Snippets Extended


Code Snippets is a handy free plugin for WordPress that allows you to create, manage, and implement code snippets in your posts and pages. You can use a number of coding or markup languages in each snippet. For instance, you can mix PHP and HTML or JavaScript and HTML.

Contact Form 7 MailChimp Extension


This fresh free plugin for WordPress lets you integrate Contact Form 7 with MailChimp. With it, you can automatically add form submissions to predetermined lists in MailChimp using the latest API. It supports multiple mailing lists and API keys.

Acknowledge Me


Acknowledge Me allows you to display the contributors of a GitHub repository at your preferred position(s) within a theme. You can do this either with PHP functions or WordPress shortcodes.

Compact View Mode


This free plugin for WordPress is one for the minimalists. By default, WordPress comes with List and Excerpt view modes. With this plugin, you can add a third mode called Compact, which enables you to fit more posts on the screen without scrolling.

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