Creating your own website is easy, especially when there’s Drupal. And if you want to create your own photography site, then you’re spoiled for choice with a lot of amazing Drupal templates.

The following templates are fully responsive so they can display your content beautifully on any device or screen resolution. With these templates, your website becomes mobile-friendly, thus increasing your audience reach.

Here are 10 of the best Drupal templates for photography sites. See what works for you best.



Fashionable Photographer

1 - Fashionable Photographer

Fashionable Photographer has a beautiful and modern design. It comes with useful features that allow you to showcase high-resolution photos to represent yourself. The content area lets you share all the necessary information about you and/or your services.

ST Dulcian

2 - ST Dulcian

This Drupal template for photography sites is the perfect combination of image galleries and Google Maps location. Photographers and creative professionals can do a lot with a map. With this template, you can easily mark places you’ve been to and add photos in each of these places. Share your works and tell stories about people, the landscape, and the culture of each country you’ve visited with this beautiful template.

MD Foto


MD Foto is a nice, clean, and simple Drupal template that’s perfect for photography sites. It comes in 2 different skins: light and dark. You can easily customize the site background, photo overlay, text/typography, and even change the position of the sidebar with just a few simple clicks. What’s more, it’s responsive and mobile-ready. So if you’re a photography who loves to showcase your creative works or a blogger who’s looking for a simple and modern template, then MD Foto is for you.


5 - Other

This is perfect for creative professionals and business owners who are looking for a feature-rich yet affordable Drupal template. It comes loaded with cool and unique layouts, including draggable vertical galleries, and homepage portfolio with nice animations and category filters. The template uses AJAX to load in and switch between posts and portfolio details, thus reducing initial page load times. It’s fully responsive and retina-ready, with a nice mobile menu. It’s exactly what a freelancer, agency or business needs in a template.


4 - bazine

Bazine is a premium Drupal template that’s perfect for portfolio and photography websites. It’s powered by the ZURB Foundation framework, with a fully responsive layout that’s ready to support any device or screen size.


6 - Oyster

This Drupal template comes with unlimited capabilities, yet it’s very easy to edit. It breaks a new ground for any web project. It comes with various viewing options so you can set your photo projects in different styles and variations.


7 - Fullscreen

Fullscreen is a premium Drupal template that’s best suited for portfolio and photography websites. It’s the Drupal implementation of the beautiful HTML template of the same name. The template is built on the powerful Bootstrap 3 framework.

Black Photography

8 - Black Photography

This dark-themed photography template lets you show off your professional photography skills by displaying your best works with its automatic photo slider.

ST Shamisen

9 - ST Shamisen

ST Shamisen is a feature-rich Drupal 7 photography template that’s designed with usability in mind. It provides photographers and creatives with the necessary tools such as an eye-catching blog section for writing articles, a gallery section for posting photos, social network icons, block for advertising products and services, and more.


10 - Viola

This high-quality Drupal template is perfect for photography websites. It has a clean and modern style, and uses the Galleria effect.

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